Little Snow Fairy Sugar

She Never Believed In Fairies. Unfortunately, THEY Believe In HER!

The Season Fairies make the weather, each kind having its own specialty.  Only full-fledged fairies have this ability.  Sugar is an apprentice Snow Fairy.  She and her friends, Salt and Pepper, have had all of the training and now need to find magical “Twinkles”.  Unfortunately, none of these fairies know what a Twinkle is.  However, they do find a human girl, Saga, who can see them when others can’t.  Saga prefers a quiet and orderly life, becomes the rather unwilling helper to these noisy, lively, little fairies.
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  • Episode 1: Saga Meets Sugar
  • Episode 2: An Itsy-Bitsy Roommate
  • Episode 3: Twinkle-Twinkle, Comfy-Warm, Puffy-Fluffy
  • Episode 4: Where are the Twinkles?
  • Episode 5: The Elder Arrives!!
  • Episode 6: I Couldn't Say Sorry
  • Episode 7: Heart Joining Melody
  • Episode 8: The Shape of the Dreams
  • Episode 9: The Bear Pianist
  • Episode 10: A Backstage Happening
  • Episode 11: My Favorite Piano
  • Episode 12: Goodbye, Mr. Bear
  • Episode 13: A Twinkle Found?
  • Episode 14: Pepper and The Dream of Mr. Turtle
  • Episode 15: The Tiny Guest
  • Episode 16: The Faraway Town's First Snow
  • Episode 17: While Waiting For Sugar
  • Episode 18: Festival! Waffo!
  • Episode 19: One Memory For Two
  • Episode 20: The Vanished Promise
  • Episode 21: The Lonely Two
  • Episode 22: I'm Sorry, Sugar
  • Episode 23: Tiny Miracle at Muhlenburg
  • Episode 24: I'm Right Over Here
  • Episode 25: What's in the Heart (Part One)
  • Episode 26: What's in the Heart (Part Two)
Little Snow Fairy Sugar

Anime Series


Episodes: 26

Age Rating: TV PG

Language: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy