Shin Koihime Muso

For once, a story about swords and sorcery… That’s actually about Swords and Sorcery! What do you do once you’ve made your epic journey and accomplished the legendary quest you set out on?  Well, you could hang around the village looking important, but when Kan'u and Chouhi rescue a mysterious girl, they find that a more enjoyable option may be a brand new quest!  Especially when it turns out that this new girl is Ryuubi, and the Ryuubi that Kan’u and her sword-sisters faced previously was an imposter who stole this Ryuubi’s name and heirloom sword!  Meanwhile, the three Chou sisters have gotten their hands on a magical book of spells that’s just a little more dangerous than they think.  Get ready for an inspired new journey in search of magical arts and artifacts as the ancient Chinese epic Romance of the Three Kingdoms puts on an all new, all-female front  in Shin Koihime+Muso.
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    Shin Koihime Muso : Otome Tairan

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  • Episode 1: Bacho's Anguish
  • Episode 2: Ryubi Visits Touka Village
  • Episode 3: Kosonsan Fights Ensho!
  • Episode 4: The Three Cho Sisters Acquire the
  • Episode 5: Kakuka & Teiiku Come Into Soso's Service
  • Episode 6: Ten'I is Tested by Soso
  • Episode 7: Chinkyu is Taken in by Ryofu
  • Episode 8: Enjutsu Orders a Monster's Extermination
  • Episode 9: Gakushin, Riten & Ukin Protect a Village
  • Episode 10: Komei Wishes for a Sister
  • Episode 11: Bacho Tries to Hold It In
  • Episode 12: The General's Attempt to Suppress the Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • Episode 13: Rival Warlords Vacation on a Tropical Island: There Will Also be Tentacles!
Shin Koihime Muso

Anime Series

Copyright: © BaseSon • Shin Koihime Muso Partnership 2009

Episodes: 13

Age Rating: TV MA (V, D)

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy