There are twisted tales and twisted tales, but few are as twisted as poor Sado’s, who’s just realized that he LIKES being made miserable.  Of course, knowing that only makes him more miserable, which in turn… Well, you get the idea.  Desperate to break the circle, Sado volunteers for a special club where he hopes he can work through his issues, only to discover that the other members have equally… complex… issues to deal with.  For example, the hyper-aggressive club president Isurugi not only has a violent fear of cats, but also believes herself to be a god!  Then there’s Yuno, who’s terrified of men; the Nurse, who forces other people to perform cosplay; and Hayama, Sado’s best friend and a compulsive cross-dresser, who’s also the girl that Sado is infatuated with. (We did say it was complex, remember?)  If you think you’ve seen EVERYTHING that can happen in an anime, prepare to have your eyes opened to FULL anime size as you enter a whole new paradigm with MM! (it’s pronounced “Emu Emu!”)
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  • Episode 1: Straight-Descending First Love
  • Episode 2: The Distance Between Similar People
  • Episode 3: The Dog Fight For You
  • Episode 4: This And That Silly Couple
  • Episode 5: Genius Girl is in Raging Panic!
  • Episode 6: My Trouble-Filled Home
  • Episode 7: Love Triangle in the Summer?
  • Episode 8: “B” and “L” Love Relationship
  • Episode 9: MFC’s Great Conspiracy
  • Episode 10: Sadistic Lady Arashiko
  • Episode 11: The Lost Memory
  • Episode 12: The Christmas Wish

Anime Series

Copyright: © 2010 Akinari Matsuno . MEDIA FACTORY / MM! Proje

Episodes: 12

Age Rating: TV MA

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy