Waking up transformed into a beautiful girl might be the stuff of some guys’ fantasies, but when the suddenly effeminatized Natsuru is informed by a stuffed tiger that he’s now a Kämpfer, a mystical fighter who has to fight other Kämpfers in female form, his life becomes a living nightmare!  Putting aside the obvious “plumbing” issues, Natusru’s best childhood friend turns out to swing the other way and SHE has a crush on his new female body.  Not complex enough?  Natsuru’s school has separate sections for boys and girls, so he and she are now double enrolled.  The rumor-mill has it that he’s dating herself.  And  there are other Kämpfers attending the school  who want to take her out, and he’s not sure which ones mean “on a date” and which ones mean “permanently.”  Oh, and did we mention that some Kämpfers use SWORDS and GUNS?!  Hormones, fists and other body parts will fly as the daring, new gender-blender defender must become a contender or die!
  • Kampfer

    Kampfer Complete Collection

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    $49.98 / 325 minutes / SF-KM100

    2 DVDs / Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Episode 1: Schicksal
  • Episode 2: Glühen
  • Episode 3: Lilie
  • Episode 4: KriegserKlärung
  • Episode 5: Komödie
  • Episode 6: Heimkehr
  • Episode 7: Einlanden
  • Episode 8: Liebste
  • Episode 9: Hochsommer
  • Episode 10: Falle
  • Episode 11: Wahlen
  • Episode 12: Weihnachten
  • Episode 13: EXTRA: Trailer

Anime Series


Episodes: 13

Age Rating: TV 14 (V, D)

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Action / Comedy / Romance