Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Watch it boys: if you're trying to get in, these girls will make sure you stay out! Poor Shingo. As soon as life starts becoming normal, his coed school, Kagamidai, begins the process of merging with Yuihime, an all girls private academy. Not only that, but Shingo's also been picked to be part of a group of test males who will be transferred into a Yuihime classroom. Suddenly, he is surrounded by the enemy, no ammo in sight, and with literally no man power to back him up. How will Shingo survive this death trap of feisty females? Will he learn to coexist, or will he just get his eyes scratched out? Find out in Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers!
  • Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

    Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

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    $49.98 / 300 minutes / SF-MIS100

    3 DVDs / Japanese with English Subtitles

  • Episode 1: White-Colored Meeting
  • Episode 2: Rejection Colored Cooking
  • Episode 3: Annoyance-Colored Anxiety
  • Episode 4: Airi-Colored Secret
  • Episode 5: I am Your-Colored Maid
  • Episode 6: Search-Colored Bath Time
  • Episode 7: Twilight-Colored Swing
  • Episode 8: Kitten Colored Black and White
  • Episode 9: Same-Colored Coupled
  • Episode 10: Tear-Colored Shelter
  • Episode 11: Mashiroiro Symphony
  • Episode 12: Beginning-Colored Season
Mashiroiro Symphony ~ The Color of Lovers

Anime Series

Copyright: © 2011 Palette / Mashiro-P

Episodes: 12

Age Rating: TV 14 (D)

Language: Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Comedy / Romance