Book of Bantorra

When a person dies, the soul departs from its body and is crystallized into a book. Written in that book are all the memories of that soul’s life. For anyone who touches that book, the dead person’s past can be relived…. It is in the Library of Bantorra, run by an elite organization known as the Armed Librarians, that all excavated books are stored. Under the direction of Acting Chief Librarian Hamutz Meseta, all Armed Librarians possess an extraordinary combination of encyclopedic knowledge and fighting skill. For this reason, the Armed Librarians are the most difficult profession to enter in the world. But will they be good enough to stop the fanatics of the Shindeki Church from exacting vengeance on the entire world? Only time will tell, but that book hasn’t been written yet. Don’t miss the non-stop action of The Book of Bantorra!
  • Book of Bantorra

    Book of Bantorra Collection 2

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  • Episode 1: Bombs, Books and Sinking Ship
  • Episode 2: Bombs, a Princess and a Gray Town
  • Episode 3: Bombs, Humans and the God of Death’s Disease
  • Episode 4: The Setting Sun, Shiron and Colio
  • Episode 5: A Betrayal, a Cup and a Meandering Path
  • Episode 6: Thunder, a Monster and a Girl’s Punch
  • Episode 7: A Smile, a Mask and a Man with a Death
  • Episode 8: A pond, Comrades and a Seashell
  • Episode 9: A True Man, a Battlefield and My World
  • Episode 10: An Eccentric, a Mother and the Black Ant’s Next
  • Episode 11: A Weakling, The Labyrinth and Moving the Queen
  • Episode 12: The Past, Irrationality and a Pipe’s Smoke
  • Episode 13: A Day Off, a Picture Book and Rusty Hair
  • Episode 14: The Settling Sun, a Storyteller and a Collection of Fables
  • Episode 15: A Girl, a Girl and the Bed of God
  • Episode 16: A Banned Book, a Coward and the Sacred Eyes
  • Episode 17: A Return Home, an Encounter and Fiery Green
  • Episode 18: A Propeller, Remembrance and a Man of Lead
  • Episode 19: A Fool, a Void and a Spinning Fairy
  • Episode 20: Funeral Bells, a Book and a Boy with a Death Wish
  • Episode 21: Enmity, the Color Blue and the Rope Princess
  • Episode 22: The Sky, and Ending and a Girl’s World
  • Episode 23: A Jailbreak, a Took and a Desert Violet
  • Episode 24: Truth, Love and the Second Sealed Library
  • Episode 25: Tranquility, Indolence and a Tale of Despair
  • Episode 26: Atonement, Delusion and Books Within Books
  • Episode 27: The Power of the World
Book of Bantorra

Anime Series

Copyright: ©Yamagata Ishio, Maeshima Shigeki / SHUEISHA, Bant

Episodes: 27

Age Rating: TV MA

Language: English, Japanese with English Subtitles

Genre: Action