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What is Sentai Filmworks?

Sentai Filmworks is one of the fastest growing anime distributors in North America providing a wide range of entertainment content across DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital and Mobile media platforms.


Where can I buy Sentai Filmworks' DVD and Blu-Ray products?

Sentai Filmworks programs are sold at most major retail outlets and online through The Right Stuf. For a complete list of our retail partners please check out our Partners page.


How can I become a retail partner with Sentai Filmworks?

To become a retailer of Sentai Filmworks please send a detailed email to HERE


How do I stay up to date on the latest Sentai Filmworks news & releases?

Please sign up for our newsletter or you can subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook pages.


I want to advertise with Sentai Filmworks. Who do I contact?

Please send a detailed email to HERE


Does Sentai Filmworks only offer Anime?

At this time Sentai Filmworks is only distributes anime in North America.


What content providers/retailers/broadcasters does Sentai Filmworks work with?

Please see our Partner Page for details.


What do I need to do in order to receive press releases from Sentai Filmworks?

Please sign up for our newsletter or you can subscribe to our RSS feed, Twitter and Facebook pages.


How do I contact Sentai Filmworks?

Please see our Contact us page for more details.


There's a movie/series that was just released that I'd like to see Sentai Filmworks bring to the US. Where can I make suggestions?

Please send all your suggestions through the standard form on our Contact Page.


I run a local anime club/convention and would like to screen a Sentai Filmworks licensed shows. Who do I talk to about getting permission and screeners?

Many of the titles Sentai Filmworks distributes may be screened publicly in a noncommercial setting, such as a convention or an anime club meeting, but only if you've received explicit written permission to do so.


To request screening permission please email HERE 3-4 weeks in advance of your event, and be sure to include all of the information below.

* Name of Responsible Contact

* Name of Organization / Event

* Date(s) of Screening

* Location of Screening

* Estimated Attendance

* Title(s) To Exhibit


Sentai Filmworks will email you a completed permission form for the titles which may be exhibited.  That form needs to signed and the signed original must be mailed back to Sentai Filmworks.  Screening permissions are not complete until the signed form is on file with Sentai Filmworks.


In most cases, Sentai Filmworks is happy to provide screening permissions for conventions, club events, and other noncommercial purposes free of charge.

However, we do not provide screener discs for that purpose.  It is up to the organizer of the screening to provide the disc.



* Be sure to allow plenty of time for your screening permission request.

* Include all information in your email.

* Please do not send URLs and do not assume we know the location or attendance of your event.

* Please use reasonable judgment with the number of titles you are requesting to screen.

Have fun!



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