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Anonymous Noise English Cast List

Anonymous Noise English Cast List

5/1/2018 7:04:51 PM

Available on June 5, 2018 

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Six years ago Momo taught Nino the joy of singing from her heart. When Momo’s family moved away without warning, Nino found herself lost and adrift. Until she met Yuzu, who also had a musical gift that he shared with her until he was suddenly gone as well, leaving nothing but the memory of his music. Before they disappeared, both Momo and Yuzu said the same thing- that Nino should keep singing, because that was how they’d find her again. Now, as Nino starts high school, their paths are all about to cross again. But while Nino has kept singing and remembering how things were, Momo and Yuzu have changed. Now it may take a miracle to bring them back together when a triangle becomes more than a musical instrument in ANONYMOUS NOISE.


TV Rating:

TV-14 (L)


Shannon Reed


Anonymous Noise English Cast List

Nino                  Juliet Simmons

Yuzu                  Bryson Baugus
Momo                Houston Hayes
Haruyoshi          Benjamin McLaughlin
Kuro                  Blake Shepard
Miou                  Amanda Lee
Mikota               Greg Cote
Young Mikota     Carli Mosier
Young Momo      Katelyn Barr
Young Nino        Juliet Simmons
Young Yuzu        Brittney Karbowski
Nino’s Mom       Carli Mosier
Yuzu’s Mom       Joanne Bonasso
Riko                  Patricia Duran
Tsukika             Shelly Black
Yana                 David Wald