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Appreciate Just Because! this Just Because Day

Appreciate Just Because! this Just Because Day

8/27/2018 6:51:50 PM

Greetings and salutations Sentai Filmworks fans! How are all of you this beautiful Just Because Day? What is Just Because Day you ask? Why it’s a day where you can follow your fancy (whatever it may be) from teaching yourself a new skill to posting YouTube videos about training your hamster to fetch a frisbee!

Incidentally, if you actually do manage to get them to pay attention long enough to learn anything, please let us know. We have plans in motion that depend on it.

At any rate, we at Sentai Filmworks would like to take this golden opportunity to talk about the series Just Because! I mean, come on: talking about Just Because! on Just Because day for no other reason than just because was too good of an opportunity to pass up!

So, first and foremost what is this series about?

In a nutshell, it’s a coming-of-age romance drama set in high school. What really makes it interesting, however, is that it’s set against the anxious backdrop of most of the characters’ final year.

As always, mild spoiler alert for those who have not watched this series.

The final year of high school is a really stressful time for nearly everyone since it’s this weird, awkward transitional period where you’re expected to know what you want to do with your life. Not everyone knows what they want out of life in their late teens, yet there’s this enormous pressure to decide right then and there.

So, not only are the characters dealing with tremendous and inevitable change, but an old friend from middle school abruptly transfers back in and stirs up a bunch of long-buried emotions, both good and bad. That kind of emotional upheaval is something that many can relate to. But even then, you’re surrounded by so many others who are going through the exact same thing you are and can empathize with your struggles. This is the perfect anime to watch whether while going through the same problems or reflecting on how much you’ve grown as a person since the stressful days of high school.

And sometimes, what’s really appreciated is seeing characters deal with relatable issues instead of watching a zany comedy where insanely-attractive people have all their problems solved within 30 minutes. An hour max if you allow for the two-part mid-season finale.

Just Because! presents you with both new and familiar emotions you should be dealing with. It also makes you pause and reflect. And sometimes, anime is just the mirror you need to deal with what’s inside.

Wow, that kinda got ~dramatic~ there, didn’t it? Ok, let’s lighten things up with some good news: We announced that we are dubbing this at Otakon earlier this month, so you’ll soon get to watch this in English! We’ll have more information for all of you at a later date, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

We hope you all have a great Just Because Day and again: PLEASE let us know if you’ve managed to get your hamster to pay attention for long periods of time. It is absolutely vital that we know by Labor Day. Sorry, we can’t go into any details. We’ve said too much already.

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