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Armed Girl's Machiavellism English Dub Cast List

Armed Girl's Machiavellism English Dub Cast List

7/9/2018 2:13:01 PM

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When Aichi Coexistence Academy converted from all-girls to a coed model, the female students were so concerned about male misbehavior that they armed themselves! Now the school is ruled by the lovely but lethal Supreme Five Swords, and the boys are forced to dress and act like girls or suffer the razor-sharp points of the Swords’ anger. Unfortunately for the Swords, new transfer student Fudo Nomura thinks that sounds like a total drag, and he might just have the martial arts chops and rapier wit needed to slash through the Swords’ defenses and carve a new niche for himself in their feisty feminine hearts! It’s a whole new kind of slice of life High School Drama, extra heavy on the “slice”, as one Bad Boy meets some very Dicey Girls in Armed Girl's Machiavellism!

Director             Shannon Reed


Official English Cast:


Nomura           Scott Gibbs
Rin                  Kira Vincent-Davis
Mary               Maggie Flecknoe
Satori              Allison Sumrall
Warabi            Juliet Simmons
Tsukuyo          Luci Christian

Amou             Carli Mosier
Kyo-bo           Joanne Bonasso
Masukodera    Andrew Love
Omugi            Joe Daniels
Hiko               Gareth West
Sasa              Catherine Thomas
Nono              Shanae’a Moore
Cho-ka           Meg McDonald
Migii               Elissa Cuellar
Tohko            Chelsea McCurdy
Tanukihara     Katelyn Barr
Nico               Alexandra Bedford
Misogi            Kelley Peters
Eva                Casey Magin
Yukino           Joanne Bonasso
Koharu           Brittney Karbowski
Michiyuki        Samantha Stevens
Dwo-mo         Natalie Jones