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Ask Sentai #10: K-ON! Blu-rays and Pantsu For All Seasons

Ask Sentai #10: K-ON! Blu-rays and Pantsu For All Seasons

5/21/2015 10:40:56 PM

Hey guys! Time for another segment of Ask Sentai! This is the tenth edition of Ask Sentai, so we would like to thank everyone for always sending in your questions and making sure we stay on our toes. Thanks! This week we talk fanservice, waifus and pantsu. Let's get started!

As always, if you want to ask us a question, hit up our and we'll try to answer!


How much fan service is too much? 

Is this really a question? :O
There's never enough service. In fact, this question itself is dangerously low on fanservice:

How much fan service is too much?

Any chance of you guys releasing the bluray version of waiting in the summer?

We are definitely 100%...looking into that. ;)

We know a new dub is being added to Vampire Hunter D, but at the very least, will the Streamline dub be included? 

Hey, a question from a few weeks ago! We've already answered this one, you can check out the answer here:

Will you be dubbing Rinne and giving it a bluray release?

It's still too early to tell right now, RIN-NE hasn't finished airing! Typically we will wait until a show has finished airing to even begin conversations like that. So as of now there's no word on a dub for RIN-NE, but I'm sure that as soon as it's over there'll be some talk floating around the office about it!

When will the Vampire Hunter D cast be announced?

The Vampire Hunter D cast will be announced a month to a month and a half before release date, which is set for August 25, 2015. Watch out for some cast reveals then!

Is it true that the Sentai Filmworks logo is getting a redesign? Because i saw some of them on the September 2015 releases.

YES! Our logo has changed very slightly and will start rolling out in future releases. This is what it looks like now:
Is it true that the Sentai Filmworks logo is getting a redesigned? Because i saw some of them on the September 2015 releases.

I'm sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but is there any news about a release for Kamigami no Asobi? I noticed you guys hold the license for it. :D

Yes, we do hold the license for that show! Right now it is in our release schedule and is set to be available August 25, 2015. You can preorder it here:

So since the first season of K-On! is coming out on Blu-ray, will the audio be fixed? I recall that Bandai's release had lossy audio and wasn't up to BD standards.

Our production manager Luke Patterson has been itching to answer this question since we announced the K-ON! Blu-ray release.
Luke: "Our release of K-ON! will have DTS audio, AND we've also gone back and cleaned a lot of the subtitles to make sure our product is the best it can be. Thanks!"

Question about the K-On S1 Blu-ray. The Bandai blu-ray release had lossy Dolby Digital audio, which wasn't a good quality for a blu-ray. Will this release have enhanced, lossless audio? Also, will the Persona 4 blu-ray have both Japanese and English tracks?

We JUST answered your first question! :) As for your second question, yes the upcoming Collector's Edition release of Persona 4 will contain both Japanese and English Tracks, along with other on disc extras and goodies!

Sentai-sempai... what kind of pantsu do you wear?

Made my way over to Art Dept. Andrea to get an in depth answer to this question. Unfortunately I was fired in the process, but here's what she said anyway:
“I wear all kinds of pantsu! Because all pantsu are the best pantsu!!!”


Will Fate / Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei!! be released on bluray?

I have a very good feeling that it will! :)

Why in recent sets are there paragraphs of text explaining references to other anime/manga series? I thought the point of references was to see which ones you know and which you don't, and that's what makes it fun.

You're in luck! Our subtitlers Dwayne and Cayla were nice enough to provide some answers for this question:
Dwayne: The translator notes are a feature we’ve always included. But to answer the question, we add notes to explain obscure references. Of course, when we don’t explain something, we get the opposite reaction. We find it better to have too much than too little.
Cayla: I certainly see the point here, as I think drowning a show in notes can certainly take an audience out of the viewing experience. However, in cases where the humor or effect of a scene would ultimately fail without prior knowledge of a reference or allusion being made, the subtitlers agree that it’s better to include contextualizing information for a brief period than to let the intended effect of a scene get lost.
Thanks for your question!

When will Sentai become my waifu? :c

Can a waifu have waifus? That may be the only thing standing in the way, since we already have a waifu (Maki from Love Lab) and a seasonal waifu, Yamato from MY love STORY!!:

When will Sentai become my waifu? :c
That's it for this week! Next week we'll talk about the top 10 reasons why yandere girls are best girls. See ya!