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Ask Sentai #11: Akame ga Thrill! and The Voices of Many

Ask Sentai #11: Akame ga Thrill! and The Voices of Many

5/29/2015 10:44:41 PM

Welcome back to Ask Sentai the 11th! Hope you'r ready for a good weekend. My weekend will be tied up trying to catch up with all of our shows, especially this little number.

As always, if you want to ask us a Q, hit up our page and we will try our hardest to A.


So when will the announcement for the Parasyte fan cast results be announced?

It was already announced a few days ago! Check it out here:

Do you ever consider doing an online panel like what Aniplex of America do?

We have in the past, definitely. Is this something you all would like to see from us? I think that if we get enough demand for it we can make something happen. :) Let us know on our social media channels, we are always listening.

Senpai...if you have to choose a waifu yandere, from which anime would you choose?

Hmmm...I would say Kanon from The World God Only Knows. You wouldn't initially rank her as a yandere character, but later on she starts doing some really dicey stuff that...well, I won't ruin it for you, but yes...Kanon 100%

Why aren't there more goats in anime?

The same thing could be said about many aspects of life. Unfortunately we may never know the answer...I would ASK some goats, but there aren't any around at the moment...

Why aren't there more goats in anime?

Please answer. Will you guys be acquiring the rights to "Invaders of Rokujyoma" if not please do also dub it :)  

We HAVE acquired the license for Rokujyoma. Whoo!

Sentai will the extra animated shorts be included with the Sabagebu release?

Yes, OVA episodes 1 - 6 will be included in our release! I really gotta say, if you haven't seen Sabagebu, I definitely recommend it. It's right up there with Love Lab in my list of shows more people should watch. Give it a shot reader, you won't be disappointed.

Hey there, question! I noticed you guys got the rights to Beyond the Boundary back in 2013, and said a home video release would come. Any updates to give on that? (Also recently bought Kokoro Connect. Loving it so far! :) )

A home video release will be coming in the very very near future, and it will also include a limited Collector's Edition! Keep an eye out for more news on that front soon.

When fans request stuff. Do you guys take it in consideration to grant the request?

Yes, of course. We are always looking through our emails and social media accounts for fan reactions, requests, and whatnot. That's one of the big reasons I always stress to let your voice be heard. There are no bots or other services like that populating/updating our social media feeds, that's all real people who read your mentions, comments, and replies, so believe it or not, your voice makes a difference.

any news on akame ga kill

Actually, there IS some news coming down the pipeline regarding Akame ga Kill! Can't say exactly what yet, but I'm sure a lot of you out there will dig it. :)

Do you love me

Forever and ever.

Do you love me

Any plans on releasing Heart throb on blu ray as well?

Eventually yes, Chunibyo Heart Throb will make it's way to blu-ray. I believe we answered this question or something similar in a previous it is:
That's it for this week! Next week we'll talk about the top 10 lines to use when picking up girls in a dungeon. YOU WON'T BELIEVE #4!