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Ask Sentai #13: CE's and New Titles

Ask Sentai #13: CE's and New Titles

6/11/2015 11:00:26 PM

Welcome to another edition of Ask Sentai! As always, if you have a question please feel free to send it our way on our page. 


Are you guys planning on acquiring the rights to the Girls und Panzer movie as well as the Anzio battle OVA?

We are definitely looking into acquiring these properties, as they are a part of one of our most celebrated titles. Whenever additional content like this springs up for one of our shows, we will always take a look and try to pick it up for distribution.

You guys are just dying to announce Tonari no Seki-kun, right? RIGHT?

It was such a fun little show wasn't it? While I can't really comment on whether or not we can announce it as a title, you can rest assured that I'm now playing the ED "Set Them Free" on repeat. Look it up, it's amazing. :)

Lately Sentai has been announcing new licenses as they are added to your release schedule. Are you going to announce any new titles for October?

Actually, I think we are! Two titles to be precise. Watch out for those announcements coming very soon.

Announce the Vampire Hunter D Cast or suffer ten fold!

The Vampire Hunter D release is coming up fast, so a dub cast list will be making it's way out soon, promise!

Have you guys ever considered getting a Sentai mascot?

We have haha. One of our artists has created quite a few different designs, but so far we haven't yet decided on a final version.

What are the next CE's after P4? Still hoping for Shinsekai Yori and a Clannad After Story CE!

There are a few lined up to announce after P4, unfortunately I can't say what they are right at this moment.

Will you guys be posting dubbed episodes of up and coming anime to TAN like you did last summer (e.g. Mayo Chiki, Illya)?

YES, the Anime Network will be receiving more dub content in the future. :)

You guys should really consider dubbing Beyond the Boundary

Thanks, we'll get right on that!

You guys should really consider dubbing Beyond the Boundary
 That's it for this week! Next week we'll discuss the differences between "-chan" and "-tan". See ya!