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Ask Sentai #14: Disappearing CDs and WIndows of Opportunity

Ask Sentai #14: Disappearing CDs and WIndows of Opportunity

6/25/2015 10:52:18 PM

Hey there! Welcome once again to Ask Sentai. I'm sure you all are wondering why there wasn't an installment last week, right? Ask Sentai will be a bi weekly affair from now on, that way we can be sure to have some good questions get to us for you guys to read. Alright, let's get going!

Have a question for us? Ask away at our page and we will try our best to answer it.


Is there really going to be an English Dub of Parasyte the Maxim?

I guess it's okay to say that YES, there will definitely be an English dub for Parasyte. When it releases is still up in the air due to some recent developments, but when it does you can look forward to that dub. Thanks!

Since you guys licensed Amagi Brilliant Park after its initial release, does that mean it won't be dubbed?

No, sir. There are a number of things that go into that decision, but the time lapsed after initial broadcast is not one of them. I would personally love a dub for Amagi, it's a pretty good show. :)

Any news on the dub cast for No Game No Life? I NEED TO KNOW WHO'S VOICING THE LEGENDARY 『』!!!

We actually recently revealed the English dub voice actors for Sora and Shiro! You can catch them here:

When will Matt Greenfield return to ADR Directing?

Sooner than you think! He will be at the helm for the upcoming release of Vampire Hunter D, so make sure to pick that up if you're a fan of his work. :)

Do you guys also have an official Husbando? is it Takeo from My Love Story?

Well, it used to be Izumi from Love Stage!!, but Gouda is slowly climbing the ranks. Maybe not husbando material yet, but we sure do admire the big fella. :)

About how many Summer 2015 anime series do you plan on licensing? When can we expect announcements?

Wow, it's Summer season already? Time flies when you're trying to catch up. Well, Anime Expo is coming up next week, so...;)

Any surprises lined up for Anime Expo?

YES, actually quite a few. I can guarantee that at least one of our heavy hitters will blow the roof off, AND there's still more after that. :O

I noticed that the No Game No Life Collectors Set has a 3 cd soundtrack, but the Japanese version contains more than 3 discs. Did you not include the entire soundtrack?

We actually did include the entire soundtrack. When we got the discs we noticed that a couple of them had only a few songs each, so we combined them into 3 discs to lower the overall price of the set a little more for you guys .

When will we hear more details on the Beyond the Boundary CE?

Really, ridiculously soon. :)

What happened to your Log Horizon T Shirt? It's no longer listed on the Right Stuf site? Why did you remove it and where can I get it now?

The preorder number was met for that particular shirt. This first run was sort of a test to gauge interest, and so far interest is high. You can expect more designs from us coming soon, and some new designs will already be ready by the time Anime Expo rolls around.

Is their any news on a release for Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb? I really hope so. Oh and thanks for releasing the first three seasons and OVAs on bluray. I just had to double dip to see Yuno and her friends in HD. :-)

Yes, there is news on the Honeycomb front. We have finally hammered down a release date for it on our schedule, so it's on the way!
That's it for this week! Next time we will hopefully field all of your questions about all our big news at AX. See you then!