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Ask Sentai #18: Nozaki-kun Box Sets and Sentai Studios

Ask Sentai #18: Nozaki-kun Box Sets and Sentai Studios

9/3/2015 8:47:15 PM

Welcome back to Ask Sentai! We've got a lot to cover today, so let's get to it.

As always, if you have a question for us, make sure to post it on our page and we will try our hardest to answer.


Given the scintillating success of Akame ga Kill on Toonami, is there a physical release in the works sometime soon? ^_^

Scintillating indeed! We are so happy about how well the show is doing, everyone here is going nuts. :) As far as the home video version, I am happy to report that we are working on the physical release right now! While I can't tell you an exact release date yet, I can say that things are running pretty smoothly. Very excited!

Read that a release date has been set for Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun! Will there be a collector's edition for it? Please, please, please, let there be one.

Nozaki-kun is a show that is near and dear to my heart. The comedy was so fresh, characters were interesting and enjoyable...even the silly tanuki thing hit all the right spots. Definitely something on my personal top 5 list.
I would LOVE a collector's edition of Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun, but just me saying something won't make it happen. If you have been to one of our panels before, you know that we always stress how important it is to let your voice be heard. Your opinions matter more to us than you may think, so make sure to let us know on our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, G+, Tumblr) that you want a Nozaki-kun box set to happen. If we see that there is a demand, it is way more likely that we will take a closer look at a show to see if it is CE worthy. Again, make sure your voices are heard, because we're listening. ;)

Do you know when Parasyte will air on Toonami?

Right now all we can say is that it is coming up in the fall of 2015. If your sleuthing ability is at rank S, though, you can probably figure it out yourself. ;)
In the meantime, make sure to catch Akame ga Kill, which is currently on Toonami, Saturdays at 12:30 ET (Hey, I wouldn't be much of a social media dude if I didn't plug this here!) The next episode is scheduled for September 12. This next one's a good one...Esdeath is Coming. :O

Do you know when parasyte will air on toonami

Have you ever licensed a show and not released it?

When we license a title our intent is always to put it out on home video. While some titles may take longer than others, that is absolutely the end game part of a process we go through when acquiring something. So believe me when I tell you that when we license a show, you can expect it to eventually hit home video by default. Thanks! :)

Do you guys do all of your English dubs in house, or do you send them to other companies like Bang Zoom and NYAV?

In past years, Sentai relied on several outside studios including Seraphim Studios, Bang Zoom and New York AV for our ADR work. That changed in 2014 when Sentai built its own ADR facilities and brought those important functions completely in-house. Now every single Sentai Filmworks release is produced by, you guessed it, Sentai Studios.

Do you guys have a Top 5 of your most requested shows to air on Toonami as of late? I would imagine that now that the possibility EXISTS, you've gotten quite a few interesting requests for shows from your vault to get on Toonami.

Well the top two most requested titles, Akame ga Kill! and Parasyte -the maxim-, are either already on or making their way there. You guys really don't waste any time either, we started seeing "Parasyte on Toonami pls" comments pop up almost immediately after we announced the acquisition!
As for other shows that may appear on tell us. What do YOU want to see on there? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter and let us know what you think would be a good fit!

I'm super excited for Beyond the Boundary! The cast reveals are really cool, and I really like those videos you guys make. Will we get to see who plays Mirai soon?

Right now we have Hiroomi, Mitsuki and Akihito already up on our Youtube channel. If you haven't taken a look, make your way there and check them out. The final cast reveal for Mirai Kuriyama will be added after Labor day on Tuesday, so watch out for that!

Why no BD on Rail Wars?

This is one of those titles that falls in the "hold back period" category, which, if you're new to this column, means that for some reason or another the blu-ray version of the title can't be released until after a certain amount of time has elapsed. Although there isn't a blu-ray disc release date set for now, I can assure you that we are trying our best to make sure that it will be out as soon a possible. We thank you for your patience!

Will we see more Sentai industry panels in 2016 outside of AX and ones in Texas?

We are absolutely trying to make it out to more cons next year bacause we love hanging out with you all! Expect more news on this front in the near future, but right now it's looking good.

I ordered the NGNL Box set when it came out, but I still haven’t gotten it. Any idea why?

Actually, we’ve just gotten word back from our replicator that they’ve finally shipped the rest of the NGNL CEs to us, so your order should be coming in soon. To the rest of you, hurry and order it before they run out! :)
That's it for this week! Next week we'll go over the essential items in the Official Umaru-chan Food Pyramid (Spoilers: lots of junk food). See ya!