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Ask Sentai #24: Sentai Selects and Shirts Galore

Ask Sentai #24: Sentai Selects and Shirts Galore

12/6/2015 7:24:13 AM

Hey guys! Welcome back to another edition of Ask Sentai! It's been a few weeks since we've done one, but let's dive straight into those questions!

As always, if you have something to ask us, make sure to go to our page and let us know!


With the release of the complete collection of From the New World coming in February, does that pretty much eliminate the chance of a CE release?

It eliminates the chance of a CE any time soon, but not entirely. It may be a while be fore we revisit the title, but this certainly does not close the book on us doing anything else with the series. Whether or not something materializes in the future is another matter. Thanks!

Any hope for older Sentai titles for receive CE's such as: CLANNAD, CLANNAD After Story, Angel Beats!, Little Busters!, Little Busters! Refrain, Ef A Tale of Memories & Melodies, Another, Infinite Stratos, or K-On?

That depends on a number of things, although a lot of people have recently been requesting CEs of older titles. This gives us more reason to go and take a second look at these series to see what all we can do with them. So in answer to your questions: there's always hope.

Any dubs being released this month?

One of my favorite shows is being released this month, actually: Chaika the Coffin Princess will be out on the 15th, and you can still preorder it here: