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Ask Sentai #43

Ask Sentai #43

8/3/2017 6:27:14 PM

Can we take a moment to marvel at how CUTE Reg from MADE IN ABYSS is?!

It’s been a little bit since our last #AskSentai, mostly because a LOT of the questions in the bank were answered by the latest #TheDubsAreComing announcement. It looks like you guys already have you eyes on your next round though, and we’re not even done with the season!

Make sure you scroll to the end so you can answer some questions for us!

Ask Sentai

Since summer is starting, are there any anime you recommend that fit summer from your older anime titles? As for recent anime, I'm watching Love and Lies and I loved the first episode so far and I think Made in Abyss looks interesting and it could be very deep.

Did you have a chance to check out Action Heroine Cheer Fruits on HIDIVE? It's moe slice of life about girls trying to save their own. It's sooo cute

Dubs for Haikyuu, Flip Flappers, Tanaka-kun, Sakamoto, and Squid Girl. Honestly nobody has ever made me this happy. I never want this feeling to go away. So I was hoping you felt that way too, and maybe you would even consider doing me the favor of marrying me.

We volunteer Tanaka-kun as your future bride. He needs someone good to take care of him. Of course, you might have to prove your worth to Ohta. We're glad to know that the news made your day!


WHAT KIND OF MERCH YOU WAAAANT. ;) But really. What kind?

Can you please, please, please dub Made in Abyss, Princess Principal and Love and Lies? They're all so good!

Your suggestion has been noted. Keep em coming.

Any chance you guys might reconsider including a dub for Golden Time on that October re-release? Many of us would love you guys forever. And I would definitely buy the show again.

That October re-release has already been slated as a sub-only complete collection.

Sentai-senpai, a couple of requests! Please do your best to get the Sae and Hiro Graduation arc OVA's for Hidamari Sketch and the Alice War OVA from GuP! If you can do that, I'll go Yandere for you!

Thank you for your suggestion, but what degree of yandere are we talking about here?

On the one hand I feel like I shouldn't ask for more dubs after all these new announcements, but on the other hand I want to get on the hype train again. Here's hoping for a dub of Princess Principal. Gotta have dat steampunk.

Dat steampunk tho. Thanks for sending in the Princess Principal love. We're loving our cute spy girls.

Considering that "Haven't You Heard, I'm Sakamoto" was one of lesser requested shows to get an English dub, I'm shedding tears of joy!!! THANK YOU

What chu mean? Lots of people were crying out for Sakamoto :) He's an awesome dude.


What if monster girls like the ones in the anime suddenly show up at the office?

Probably a lot of selfies.

Sentai, you got two of the best shows for Summer: Made in Abyss and Princess Principal. Dub them. Please. For me. And for the sake of anime.

This request has been noticed. Will share to see how many others agree.

Just putting in the requests for dubs of any and all of your fantastic summer line-up, but most importantly Action Heroine Cheer Fruits and Princess Principle!

Noticed and shared.

Sentai Asks You!

Now it’s our turn to ask YOU a question! What’s your favorite Sentai Filmworks title of the Summer 2017 anime season?