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Ask Sentai: Box Sets, Anime Shaped Waffles,  and the Sounds of [         ]!

Ask Sentai: Box Sets, Anime Shaped Waffles, and the Sounds of [ ]!

3/16/2015 9:59:52 PM

Hello there! We've recently opened up an account and are currently taking answers from the internet! We're going to try to make this a weekly thing, so keep sending in those questions and we will try to answer them as best as we can without getting people beat up or fired.


Ask away here:


Is Sentai ever going to give their shows a Toonami airing?

A lot of different factors come into play for something like this to happen. Certainly it's not as easy as "giving' one of our shows a Toonami airing, there are tons of things involved in that process.

When will we hear about the rest of the Super Sonico dub cast?

Will there be a for collector's limited edition for Parasyte? And is Love Lab really the answer for life? 

Parasyte would really be one of those shows that would necessitate a box set, wouldn't it? :)
Also, yes. Always.

Any news about Black Bullet?

Asked around the office, so far it has a murky release date. Still have to hash out particulars to see where it can go on the schedule. :)

Any new license announcements coming up within the next few weeks?

Yes. Plenty. ;)

Why is Sentai Filmworks so amazing? Also, if you could buy a custom waffle maker that comes in ANY SHAPE YOU WANT, what shape would you choose? Would you top said waffles in a flavored syrup other than the standard maple?

1st question: I'm going to have to say because of the amazing and handsome work their social media guy is doing. Super awesome job, guy. ;)
2nd question: The shape of anime obviously. What that shape is I couldn't tell you, I can only dream.
3rd question: Standard maple. I'm a no frills guy.

Will you be getting the rest of Chu-2 (Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions)?

As in Heart Throb? We already have that.

Are you looking into licensing the Bodacious Space Pirates movie? I need my Chiaki!

We are always on the lookout whenever new, significant content comes out for one of our franchises. Bodacious Space Pirates is a great title as well, so there's a good chance we will look further into more content from that show. I'm crossing my fingers, you cross yours too :)

While voice acting seems like a cool job, I assume it takes more than a few VA's to dub an anime. From licensing to release, can you describe the other jobs required to dub and release your anime?

The answer to this will be part of a larger series of things we are working on here at Sentai. While I can't answer this NOW, it will definitely be answered in the future. :)

Will you include the Soundtrack to No Game, No Life? It wasn't sold outside the JP BDs and I would love it to be included in the Sentai LE Boxset.

We are definitely looking into many ways to make our release of No Game No Life shine as bright as, well, pretty much everything in the show. Duly noted!
Speaking of No Game No Life, here's a little bonus for you guys for taking the time to read our first "Ask Sentai" blog. Til next time!