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Bad Anime Doodles to Celebrate Doodle Day

Bad Anime Doodles to Celebrate Doodle Day

9/22/2017 6:42:41 PM

Happy Doodle Day! Putting aside the fun irony that an animated character can’t draw, we wanted to take a moment to appreciate the art of anime doodles. Have a look at some of our favorite “works of art.”

Who Can Draw Houses Anyway? (Monthly Girls’ Nozak-kun)

Clearly, Sakura and Wakamatsu need to concentrate on their other strengths and leave their house doodles far away from Nozaki’s shoujo manga (at least they tried… right?).

Angel? Monkey? (Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto)

Even Sakamoto’s artistic skills are cool. His doodle leaves room for some interpretation.. Is it a monkey? An angel? Or something else entirely? We can’t help but fall in love with Sakamoto’s skills at doing optical illusions.

Well… That’s One Way to Doodle (Flying Witch)

Makoto may be directionally challenged, but at least she can draw a perfect pentagram, as most good witches should.

Manga-ka Fail (Love Stage!!)

We’re not trying to discourage anyone’s dreams, but Izumi’s initial drawings in the series left something to be desired.

Tora in Doodle Form (Ushio & Tora)

This lovely scribble comes from the artistically inclined Ushio. While he harbors dreams of being an artist, even his classmates and close friends know that his strengths lie elsewhere. To be fair, it KIND OF looks like Tora?

Diagram of “Love” (Monster Musume: Everyday Life with Monster Girls)

Sometimes, love needs a visual aid. In this case, Miia just needed to get her point across very clearly on a whiteboard. We give her three points for her doodles of Papi and Centorea. We can obviously see who she thinks is best girl in her masterpiece.

That’s a Cute Mascot Tho… (The Comic Artist and His Assistants)

Pervy manga-ka Yuki Aito was tasked to create a cute mascot for his manga. His adorable trial, aptly named Panties-kun, was tossed onto the reject pile. We don’t see why though.

Find Your Favorite Anime Doodle!

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