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Celebrate National Grandparents Day 2019 with Wisdom from these Anime Grandparents!

Celebrate National Grandparents Day 2019 with Wisdom from these Anime Grandparents!

9/6/2019 7:31:17 PM

There’s no one quite like a grandparent. From warm cookies to even warmer hugs, grandparents are sources of love, understanding, and wisdom earned over years of life experience. That’s why we’re celebrating National Grandparents Day 2019 by looking at the guidance given to youngsters by anime grandparents in some of our favorite titles.

Take notes, friends, because these words of wisdom are worth remembering.

(As always, SPOILERS ahead.)

A Message of Encouragement from Grandpa Shozu in Tada Never Falls in Love

Mitsuyoshi Tada works alongside his grandfather, Shozu, at their family’s coffee shop. While Shozu doesn’t always have much to say, he’s present episode after episode, quietly watching over Mitsuyoshi as love blossoms between him and Teresa. When Teresa departs for her home country of Larsenburg, her absence finally makes Mitsuyoshi realize the depth of his feelings for her. He begins to flounder, not knowing what to do — but Shozu knows precisely when to step in and give Mitsuyoshi the words of encouragement he so desperately needs to hear.

“Mitsuyoshi, it stopped raining in your heart, didn't it?” he says. “If the rain has stopped, then all that's left is for you to go look for the rainbow.”

It’s a pretty metaphor, but the truth at the heart of it is even lovelier. Now that the clouds of confusion have cleared and Mitsuyoshi has been honest about his feelings for the absent Teresa, he knows he needs to track her down and confess. However, it isn’t until Shozu tells him to follow his heart that Mitsuyoshi dares to get on a plane and fly to Larsenburg, and it’s thanks to his grandfather’s gentle nudge that his relationship with Teresa doesn’t end after she leaves Japan. A grandparent’s love (not to mention their encouragement) is a powerful thing.

Also, Shozu can understand Nyanko Big, the notorious C-A-T. Anyone who can talk to animals is a wise, wise person indeed. 

A Lesson in Identity from Gramps in Delinquent Hamsters

The titular delinquent hamsters of Delinquent Hamsters don’t chase love interests across the world, but that doesn’t mean that Regent, Mohawk, and Kohai don’t need good advice from a wise grandparent-figure from time to time. Good grandparents don’t have to be related to you by blood to have a positive impact on your life, and Gramps proves that in spades.

Gramps doesn’t just dispense practical pearls of wisdom (“Be sure to drink plenty of water during playtime!”). He is also attuned to the delinquents’ mental health, encouraging them to express themselves by… yelling at a pigeon. It makes sense in context. Anyway, Gramps knows that self-expression is important, and he subtly directs the delinquents towards a non-destructive means of letting off steam. Awesome!

But even more importantly, Gramps comes through in a clutch when the delinquents are most in need of life advice. Afraid of not being “delinquent enough,” they ask Gramps for tips on how to maximize their delinquent-ness. His response?

“Anyone who does whatever they want is a real delinquent!” AKA: Be true to yourself, and there’s nothing you can’t do or become. Now that’s life advice for the ages!

The Importance of Adaptability Courtesy of Loli’s Granny in Wasteful Days of High School Girls

In Wasteful Days of High School Girls, Loli (real name “Saku”) lives with her Granny while her parents travel overseas. She adores her grandmother, and it’s easy to see why this anime grandma is so beloved. She’s an expert on practical wisdom (“Don’t go anywhere with some strange person”; solid advice no matter your age), but more importantly, she knows when to step in with a hands-on life lesson when Loli messes up.

When Loli goofs on a shopping trip and leaves behind a crucial ingredient she promised her grandmother she’d buy for dinner, Granny doesn’t get mad or scold Loli for her mistake. Instead, she improvises, showing Loli that you can always overcome a problem with a little ingenuity.

“It’ll be OK,” is all she says with a loving smile. “Leave it to Grandma.”

Despite lacking the star ingredient for hamburger steak, Granny whips up a delicious dinner with on-hand ingredients, one that resembles (and even tastes like!) the dish Loli was looking forward to eating. Granny shows Loli that no matter how bad things look, there’s always a way to fix the problem if you just adapt your thinking. Thanks, Granny!

Oh, and when food looks like this?

Yeah, it’s no wonder this anime grandma is Loli’s absolute favorite person.

Have Fun Celebrating National Grandparents Day 2019 — and Call Your Grandparents, for Pete’s Sake!

Grandparents take pride in their grandchildren, but no matter how tall you grow, your grandparents (or the grandparent-figures in your life) will always see you as their precious little grandchild. They will always worry, and they will always want to help you when times get tough. If you make time for them in return, they will no doubt have some priceless pearls of wisdom to share with you.

In honor of National Grandparents Day 2019, be sure to give your grandparents a phone call (or even take them out to lunch!) to show them how much you care. If you don’t have grandparents of your own, it’s an excellent time to volunteer at a retirement community and brighten up your elders’ days. But whoever you choose to spend the day with, just know that they’d love to hear from you, and you’ll walk away a wiser person for the effort.