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Delinquent Hamsters Official English Cast List

Delinquent Hamsters Official English Cast List

1/13/2020 9:29:33 PM

Mohawk? Check. Pompadour? Check. Desire to be the most crudely cool hamsters around? DOUBLE CHECK. They might be small and fluffy, but these hamsters are up to no good… sort of. Their idea of misbehavior involves such terrible crimes as chewing up cotton swabs and scattering tissues around the room, but while their badassery might be questionable, that won’t stop the side-splittingly foul-mouthed antics of these very delinquent hamsters.

ADR Directors & Scriptwriters
Joey Goubeaud
Kyle Colby Jones

Audio Engineers, Mix & Sound Design
Bryan Leach
Brent Marshall
Patrick Marrero III

Jim Johnson
Scott Gibbs
Wesley Whitson
Adam Gibbs
Brittney Karbowski
Marty Fleck
John Swasey
Mike Haimoto