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Exploring Iyashikei Anime with Hakumei and Mikochi

Exploring Iyashikei Anime with Hakumei and Mikochi

2/28/2018 4:48:20 PM

The series centers around the day to day lives of two main protagonists Hakumei and Mikochi as they encounter the many simple struggles of life. This type of anime is known as Iyashikei, which is a term used to describe a show with the purpose of healing. There are no major conflicts or intense drama, just delightful everyday activities. These types of stories usually go hand-in-hand with slice of life anime and are geared towards people who just want to sit down, relax and watch something soothing with gorgeous scenery.


Both Hakumei and Mikochi are just 9cm tall. They lead an adventurous life in the forest by riding insects, and making umbrellas out of leaves. Hakumei and Mikochi puts an exciting new perspective on regular everyday life activities, such as trying to make a new recipe or finding an injured bird. These wholesome issues tend to wash away the worries of the viewer, leaving them with a soothing comfort as they watch these miniature people go on about their tiny problems like warding-off beetles. So cute!


We see a shining example of what Iyashikei is, during the scene where Mikochi accidentally becomes the second songstress. Distressed at the idea of performing in front of other people, she tries to back out.  At the last minute Mikochi finds out the first songstress is a bit under the weather and is able to overcome her shyness to help another in need. We can’t help but smile and feel good inside as both of these little ladies sing beautifully and bring joy to our spirits.


Another trait of this subgenre is beautiful scenery. The series is packed with gorgeous background designs of the forest, the market and even their quaint little house. We see their surroundings mimic the general atmosphere of the show. Even when there is danger, the story frames it in a storybook-like frame, and it subverts the actual dangerous qualities. Hakumei and Mikochi does a great job of bringing the viewer into the woods and submerging them into a serene environment.

Into the Woods

If you’re looking for a show that can make you fall in love with everything mundane, this is it. This series will leave you breathless with scenery overload, cute characters and everyday activities that will leave a smile on your face. Hakumei and Mikochi is streaming on HIDIVE every Friday at 07:30 AM CST!