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Grimoire of Zero English Cast List

5/22/2018 6:15:53 PM

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Like most Beastfallen, the half-tiger known as Mercenary hates the witches who created them, so when he’s offered a chance to hunt witches, he quickly agrees. But things go spectacularly wrong when he’s rescued by a witch instead and she wants him to become her bodyguard! Making matters worse, she’s seeking a missing book, the Grimoire of Zero, which contains the secrets of Magic, which could possibly end the world if it falls into the wrong hands. And the author of the book? Zero herself! Worst of all, Zero actually seems to think that Mercenary is cute and cuddly, and wants to do terribly inappropriate things with him! But, if he does as she asks, Zero promises to make Mercenary human, and with that reward in mind, there isn’t much that he won’t do to help retrieve the GRIMOIRE OF ZERO!


Director           Kyle Colby Jones


Official English Cast:

Mercenary        Jason Douglas
Zero                Amanda Lee
Albus               Chelsea McCurdy
Thirteen           Ian Sinclair
Holdem            David Wald
Sorena             Melissa Pritchett
Narrator           Jay Hickman

Also with          Mark X. Laskowski
                       Margaret Lewis
                       Joe Daniels
                       Kim Prauss
                       John Swasey
                       John Gremillion 
                       Steven Fenley
                       Michael Wronski
                       Josh Morrison
                       Katelyn Barr
                       Luis Galindo
                       James Belher
                       Greg Cote
                       John Ramirez
                       Luci Christian
                       Kalin Coats