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More Official Sentai T-Shirts Available!

More Official Sentai T-Shirts Available!

12/7/2015 6:47:22 PM

Sentai T-Shirts have been selling like hot cakes since they were announced last week, and today, we have EVEN MORE designs to announce.

The new anime t-shirt lineup includes the ever popular “Migi Was Right” design, a sleek No Game, No Life shirt design featuring Sora and Shiro's catchphrase “Blank Never Loses”, and (a personal favorite) a design that features our favorite sadistic waifu, the ice queen General Esdeath!

See the full lineup of official Sentai Filmworks tees and more on Sentai’s web store!

Akame ga Kill! Shirts

Color Block Characters

Stride along with the iconic cast of Akame ga Kill! in this colorful tribute to Mine, Tatsumi, Akame, Esdeath, and Leone. This sturdy tee was build for comfort and long-term wear for the true fan. The trump card: making its wearer look amazing. 

Esdeath the Ice Queen

Esdeath is coming... home to her fans! Take the stylish ice queen of Akame ga Kill! with you wherever you go. For such a cold figure, it's amazing how comfortable this high quality tee feels.

Red and Black

Emulating Akame's crimson eyes, this Akame ga Kill! T-shirt's sharp design and sturdy material might just intimidate the rest of your wardrobe. Don't worry: the only thing Akame will be killing in your closet is your desire to wear any other T-shirt!

Esdeath – The Strong Survive

True to Esdeath's mantra, this tee is strong inside and out, but can cuddle you up with its soft embrace. Finally, an Akame ga Kill! tee shirt that lives up to her high standards!

No Game, No Life Merchandise

Blank Never Loses

Show your love for precocious siblings Sora and Shiro with this official No Game No Life crew neck t-shirt! No challenge is too much for this sturdy, attractive tee, because [BLANK]Never Loses!

Blank Never Loses (Japanese)

A shirt for true fans of the show, this official No Game No Life crew neck t-shirt has the iconic catchphrase "[BLANK] Never Loses!" in its original Japanese.

No Game, No Life Button Pack

Itching for a journey to Disboard? Deck out your bag, clothes, and more with these officially licensed No Game No Life button badges! Each 6 x 1.25" diameter badge features a chibi portrait of your favorite characters from the show. Aschente!

Is it Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon Merchandise

DanMachi Stylized Logo

Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? That age old question is emblazoned in an attractive graphic logo on this official crew neck t-shirt! Show your support for Bell and Hestia with this tee today!

Loki Familia

Join the formidable Loki Familia with this official Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon crew neck t-shirt! With sturdy cotton and an elegant design, this tee will give you a +10 in Defense and Charisma for your next journey into the dungeon!

Button Pack

Get ready for adventure with this officially licensed Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? button pack! With these buttons featuring your favorite dungeon-crawling Familia members, you'll be equipped to face even the most fearsome dangers (even Hestia's mysterious croquettes)!


Parasyte –the maxim- T-Shirts

Migi Was Right

Get infected with this officially licensed Parasyte -the maxim- crew neck t-shirt. The minimalist portrait of our favorite little parasite is encircled by the equally iconic "Migi Was Right" catchphrase. Need a hand? Migi's your guy!

Bodacious Space Pirates Merchandise

Bodacious Space Pirates Button Pack

Get ready for a voyage aboard the Bentenmaru with this set of officially licensed Bodacious Space Pirates buttons! Each button features a portrait of your favorite characters from the series, as well as the show's iconic logo.