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My Love Story!! English Dub Cast List

My Love Story!! English Dub Cast List

11/16/2016 2:46:01 PM

Complete Collection Available on December 20, 2016

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About My Love Story!!

Takeo Goda's hulking physique and affinity for sports make him popular with other guys, but girls just find him intimidating. Unaware of his gentle nature, the girls that Takeo likes always seem to fall for his handsome best friend, Suna, instead. Takeo is resigned to being Suna's wingman, with no hard feelings between them, until Takeo rescues Rinko Yamato from a molester on the train. Unfortunately, while Rinko might see past Takeo's brutish appearance, Takeo's become so conditioned to girls preferring Suna that he assumes Rinko is the same! Being the good, genuine guy he is, he's going to do everything he can to help the two of them be happy. Will Takeo let himself believe someone likes him? Love isn't blind: it's just a little dense in MY LOVE STORY!!

Rating: TV - 14

Kyle Colby Jones

ADR Writer:
Kyle Colby Jones

ADR Script Spotter:
George Manly

English Dub Vocal Cast

Takeo Goda

Andrew Love

Rinko Yamato

Tia Ballard

Makoto Sunakawa

Austin Tindle


Ai Sunakawa

Carli Mosier

Young Takeo

Luci Christian

Young Suna

Bryson Baugus

Takeo’s Mom

Marcy Bannor

Takeo’s Dad

Josh Morrison



Luci Christian


Shanae’a Moore


Christina Kelly


Rachel Landon


Christina Stroup



Cameron Bautsch


Gabriel Regojo


Blake Shepard


Gareth West


Oda Hayato

Patrick Poole

Saijo Mariya

Stephanie Wittels

Amami Yukika

Juliet Simmons

Koki Ichinose

David Matranga


Also Featuring:


Wendel Calvert


Mark X. Laskowski


John Swasey


Jay Hickman


Shelby Blocker


Maggie Flecknoe


Kregg Dailey


Rachel Landon


Melissa Pritchett


Houston Hayes


Shannon Emerick


Kelly Manison


Katelyn Barr


Chelsea McCurdy


Corey Hartzog


Benjamin McLaughlin


Jovan Jackson


Hillary Haag


Kalin Coates


Carl Masterson


Carolyn Medrano