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No Game No Life Gamer's Glory Sweepstakes

No Game No Life Gamer's Glory Sweepstakes

8/10/2015 7:02:43 PM

We challenge you to a game of chance, and the winner takes all. The prize: a limited edition No Game No Life box set with an exclusive Blank Authenticity card, an “I Heart Imanity” T-Shirt, and an adorable Shiro Kotobukiya statue (because kawaii is the ultimate motivator).


The rules of this game are simple:

Rule #1: Submit an entry today.

Rule #2: Submit another entry tomorrow.

Rule #3: Submit an entry every day until the sweepstakes is over.

Optional Rule: Share your entry via Twitter for three bonus entries.


There can only be ONE winner in the Gamer’s Glory Sweepstakes. Improve your odds, and submit your first entry today!


PS: Don’t forget to yell “Aschente” dramatically when you click the submit button. You’re welcome.