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Official Black Bullet English Dub Cast List

Official Black Bullet English Dub Cast List

9/24/2015 6:48:31 PM





The Gastrea virus spreads like wildfire, causing each infected host to rapidly mutate, gaining new powers and abilities with every stage of development, even while they continue to attack, kill, and infect multiple new hosts. Unable to fight a pandemic enemy that turns defenders into adversaries, the shocked remnants of the human race are forced to retreat into cities surrounded by giant monoliths made of Varanium, one of the few materials that can stop the Gastrea.

Now mankind's last hope lies in the Cursed Children: young girls infected with the virus who have managed to retain a hold on their humanity. Paired with a partner, they alone have the strength to take on a Gastrea in one-on-one combat. But the very thing that gives them power is a ticking time bomb, so even as they protect humanity, they are also feared and shunned. Are they girls? Monsters? Or mankind's ultimate salvation?



Chris Ayres

English Vocal Cast

Rentaro Satomi Chris Patton
Enju Aihara Luci Christian
Kisara Tendo Christina Kelly
Tina Sprout Caitlynn French
Seitenshi Carli Mosier
Sumire Muroto Joann Bonasso
Kagetane Hiruko Jay Hickman
Tamaki Katagiri Adam Gibbs
Yuzuki Katagiri Brittany Karbowksi
Shoma Nagisawa Mike Yager
Midori Fuse Cynthia Martinez
Nagamasa Gado George Manley
Shogen Ikuma Andrew Love
Kohina Hiruko Krystal LaPorte
Miori Shiba Margaret McDonald
Kikunojo Tendo John Swasey
Sogen Saitake Ty Mahany
Kazumitsu Tendo Houston Hayes
Hidehiko Gado Clint Bickham
Matsuzaki Christopher Ayres