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Official Diabolik Lovers English Dub Voice Cast

Official Diabolik Lovers English Dub Voice Cast

11/5/2014 6:34:09 PM

Available December 2, 2014 (DVD) and February 24, 2015 (Blu-ray)


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Yui Komori has spent her life sheltered by the Church and the man she thinks of as her father, but now she's going to a new home and there's a very different kind of family waiting for her. To her dismay, she discovers that she'll be living with six very attractive young men, and not a single one is human!

If trying to keep an entire brood of vampires at fangs' length wasn't stressful enough, there are even more sinister forces at work, threatening not only Yui's life, but her very soul. Drawn into her wildest fantasies, or perhaps her most salacious nightmares, one thing is certain: Yui's life will never be the same!



Janice WIlliams


English Vocal Cast

Yui Komori Maggie Flecknoe
Ayato Sakamaki Christopher Patton
Laito Sakamaki Blake Shepard
Kanato Sakamaki Corey Hertzog
Subaru Sakamaki Josh Grelle
Reiji Sakamaki David Wald
Shu Sakamaki Ty Mahany
Cordelia Monica Rial
Richter David Matranga
Beatrix Luci Christian
Christa Brittany Karbowski
Young Ayato Shannon Emerick
Young Laito Luci Christian
Young Kanato Tiffany Grant
Young Subaru Josh Grelle
Young Reiji Nancy Novotny
Young Shu Krystal La Porte
Newscaster Shannon Emerick