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Official "Dog & Scissors" English Dub Voice Cast

Official "Dog & Scissors" English Dub Voice Cast

12/3/2014 11:28:56 PM

Available January 6, 2015


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About Dog & Scissors

Harumi Kazuhito could spend days at a time with his head buried in his beloved books, and little would make him happier than perusing the pages of his favorite author. Unfortunately, when Harumi gets himself killed he inexplicably finds himself reincarnated as a dog... which might not be so bad if he could read, or his new owner didn't have the unfortunate twin predilections of playing with scissors and tormenting her new pet!

But what truly makes this strange reincarnation the worst of all possible worlds is that she's also his favorite author! The horror! Can Harumi find a way to live with this tantrum-throwing typist, or will her crazed clippings prove to be his undoing? Can he escape her constant hounding via the doggy door, or is he barking up the wrong tree? There's a rough, rough time ahead as canine compulsive readers and literary she-wolves get snippy with each other when doggies do what they gotta do!  



Emily Neves


English Vocal Cast

Kazuhito Harumi Blake Shepard
Natsuno Kirihime Jessica Calvello
Suzuna Joanne Bonasso
Toji John Gremillion
Maxi Akizuki Brittney Karbowski
Yayoi Honda Monica Rial
Afro Gomez Chris Hutchison
Sumitani Julia Traber
Genji John Swasey
Sarai Luci Christian
Sakura Honda Nancy Novotny
Sachi Moribe Carli Mosier
Madoka Harumi Juliet Simmons
Munakata David Wald
Fumio Honda John Swasey
Hami Luci Christian
Macho Leraldo Anzaldua
Daimon David Wald
Himehagi Momiji Emily Neves