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Official Hamatora: The Animation English Dub Cast

Official Hamatora: The Animation English Dub Cast

8/27/2015 9:51:01 PM

AVAILABLE September 22, 2015




Nowhere may seem like just another Yokohama cafe, but as with many of its employees, this apparently innocent eatery leads a double life. Because Nowhere is also where you can find Hamatora, the mysterious detective agency run by P.I.s who are also M.H.s. That's M.H. as in Minimum Holders, individuals gifted with extraordinary powers and abilities.

For the right price, you can hire founder Nice, who moves at the speed of sound, and partner Murasaki, whose super strength and near invulnerability are a significant asset. Of course, with incredible talents like these up their sleeves, Nice may not decide to take a case unless it personally interests him. But when a series of serial murders all turn out to involve other Minimum Holders, that interest is about to become extremely personal. Something monstrous is going on, and Minimum Holders as a class may be targeted for extinction!



Chris Ayres


English Vocal Cast

Nice Adam Gibbs
Murasaki David Wald
Art Leraldo Anzaldua
Koneko Nancy Novotny
Birthday Blake Shepard
Ratio Andrew Love
Hajime Christina Kelly
Master Carl Masterson
Honey  Margaret McDonald
Three George Manley
Gasuke Luis Galindo
Mao Mike Yager
Moral Chris Patton
Momoka Carli Mosier
Theo Greg Ayres
Rei Juliet Simmons
Edogawa David Harlan
Weight Rob Mungle
Azusa Cara Duncan
Young Master Clint Bickham
Head Maid Tiffany Grant
Kitizawa Houston Hayes
Kojima Scott Gibbs
The Outsider/Takahiro Gabriel Regojo
Itou Shelley Calene-Black
Yajuta Luke Patterson
Nakada Jay Hickman
Minowa Allison Sumrall
Arata Jay Hickman
Prince  Gabriel Regojo
Chiyuu Kasi Hollowell
Misty Katelyn Barr
Nashihara Houston Hayes
Shiratori Clint Bickham
Aragaki Scott Gibbs
Ooki Ned Gayle
Shuujii Ty Mahany
Shuuichi Luke Patterson
Karasawa Mark X Laskowski
Nel Allison Sumrall
Masayoshi John Swasey
Wakabayashi Joel McCray