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Official Infinite Stratos 2 English Dub Cast List

11/19/2014 8:38:58 PM

Available Dec 9, 2014


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About Infinite Stratos 2

There are probably worse things that could have happened to Ichika Orimura than being the only guy in a training academy filled with military hardware and several battalions of highly competitive and extremely boy-crazed teenage girls. Being caught in a five-girl crossfire between his obsessive childhood friends Lingyin and Houki and the even more zealous British, German and French pilots Cecillia, Laura and Charlotte, at least turned out to be survivable. But surely Ichika's finally put all his female troubles behind him, right? Oh, don't be ridiculous.

None of the femmes fatales in his life have canceled their conquest scenarios. There's double trouble arriving in the form of the Sarashiki sisters, the rest of the school is still waiting in line to take their shot. and when a whole new set of female pilots working for the bad guys shows up with a new generation of stolen IS hardware, things are about to get utterly lethal!  



Matt Greenfield


English Vocal Cast

Ichika Orimura Josh Grelle
Houki Shinonono Monica Rial
Charlotte Dunois Shannon Emerick
Laura Bodewig Tiffany Grant
Cecilia Alcott Brittney Karbowski
Lingyin Huang Hilary Haag
Chifuyu Orimura Luci Christian
Maya Yamada Cynthia Martinez
Tatenashi Sarashiki Jessica Calvello
M Luci Christian
Additional Voices
Kira Vincent Davis
Tiffany Grant
Carli Mosier
Nancy Novotny
Sasha Paysinger
Monica Passley
Allison Keith-Shipp
Allison Sumrall
Tiffany Terrell