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Official Parasyte -the maxim- Episode 1 English Dub Cast

10/2/2015 8:07:48 PM

The internet has been clamoring for any hints about the English dub cast for Parasyte -the maxim-, ahead of its Oct. 3 premiere. While a lot of you have guessed right on Migi (you sneaky devils, you!), some of the other characters have been guessed correctly as well. 

You guys are good.

So, today we are revealing the English dub cast list for the first episode, which will air tomorrow on Toonami's Saturday October 3rd block at 1 AM ET. Take a quick look, and then prepare yourselves for the premiere episode tomorrow!



Kyle Jones


Ep. 1 English Vocal Cast

Migi Brittney Karbowski
Shinichi Izumi Adam Gibbs
Satomi Murano Luci Christian
Yuko Tachikawa Terri Doty
Uragami Andrew Love
Kazuyuki Izumi Rob Mungle
Nobuko Izumi Allison Sumrall
Husband John Gremillion
Wife Marcy Bannor
Teacher John Swasey
Misaki Brittany Djie
Misaki’s Mom Krystal LaPorte
Parasite Dog Ty Mahany
Newscaster Christopher Patton
Businessman Mike Vance
Migi Motion Effect Rinka (H.B.B)