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Our Favorite Anime Beach Episodes to Kick Off Your Summer

Our Favorite Anime Beach Episodes to Kick Off Your Summer

6/17/2016 6:30:22 PM

Ah, the beach episode. Almost every anime has one, and the phrase “beach episode” has even worked its way into the anime fan lexicon. It’s a splendid time to admire your favorite waifus in their bikinis (or one-piece swimsuits for the shy ones) or your favorite shirtless husbandos. Sometimes, though, the beach episode makes a splash in the plot (in more ways than one).

7 Interesting Anime Beach Episodes

Episode 16 – Maid Latte at the Beach House (Maid-sama!)

Maids and beaches. That’s a winning combination right there. This particular beach episode explores a vulnerable side of the otherwise headstrong main character, Misaki, when she gets lost in the dark on her way to meet up with her friends. Fortunately, Usui is there to apologize for scaring her, showing off his softer side as well.

Episode 15 – Accident Beach (Golden Time)

Koko’s day at the beach… is a little cursed. Koko is super excited to go to the beach with Banri, but everything that could go wrong goes PRETTY WRONG. Between arriving at the wrong beach, to almost dying in the car, at least they had a good time with their friends.

Episode 8 - Hair Stand (Another)

This beach episode was memorable for a lot of reasons.

Even though their classmates are dying left and right, these cursed kids apparently have time to go to the beach. After all, the classroom curse won’t come after them when they’re out of the city, right? Right!?

Episode 15 – Kill the Religious Organization (Akame ga Kill!)

Night Raid goes on a mission to the beach to “casually draw attention to themselves.” Lubbock gets to enjoy seeing his female co-workers in their bikinis, but, as always, the Empire doesn’t let them rest, not even to enjoy a full beach episode! At least they didn’t have to fight the Jaegers in swimsuits.

Episode 12 – Umaru and Everyone (Himouto! Umaru-chan)

This anime beach episode was a fun romp with sea, sand, and secret identities when several different circles of friends finally came together for a single trip. Umaru and big brother Taihei go to the beach, and Umaru struggles to remain in her “cute form” for the whole trip. She even comes dangerously close to telling Kirie about her secret hamster-hooded life!

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun Shorts

These hilarious shorts for the shoujo comedy Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun follows our heroes on a trip to the beach where Nozaki tries to take photos to inspire his manga’s beach chapter. Along the way, the boys lose their swim trunks, Mikorin enjoys a real-life dating sim scenario, Wakamatsu deals with thirsty girls, and Nozaki FINALLY notices Sakura… but not in the way she wanted.

Episode 11 – My Ocean (My Love Story!!)

Yamato and Takeo enjoy a trip to the beach with their respective group of friends. Takeo (unintentionally) shows off his impressive physique, making Yamato’s heart (and some of our hearts) go doki-doki.

Time to List Your Favorite Anime Beach Episodes

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