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Remembering Childhood in Mitsuboshi Colors

Remembering Childhood in Mitsuboshi Colors

2/15/2018 2:15:27 PM

Mitsuboshi Colors has wormed itself into our hearts with its humor and wit, and these girls are ready to take down any evil villain that dares to destroy the peace of their little town. The Colors, the girls’ officials group name, takes us on their adventures as they try to navigate their way through childhood.

Supportive Adults

From their antics of selling bananas to being given a toy bazooka (giving the kids a mischievous streak), we love how supportive the adults are of their adventures. The Colors are part of the community as they try to keep the peace in their town, and the adults humor the girls by giving them the needed supplies to do so. The adults want the girls to play out their scenarios safely, but never talk down to them nor do they discourage their imagination. It creates a playful atmosphere and allows the girls to grow into their own!

Kids Copy Everything!

Kids will copy everything and anything they see, and this is poignantly portrayed by Kotoha when she takes on a dominatrix persona sometimes and reminds us that yes, kids will copy everything. From her speech to the way she carries herself, it is undeniable that her behavior is a result of playing video games she probably shouldn’t. It reminds us of our childhood when we would try to imitate the personalities of our favorite characters on TV!

Belief and Wonderment

As kids, there are things that we believed to be so true that sometimes even the adults start to believe us! A prime example would be when the girls have a bazooka, and for a moment Saito wonders if it is really real. Mitsuboshi Colors does a great job of making us doubt our common sense, and believe The Colors in their quest to stop crime. From the “corrupt cop” (not really) Saito to Pops who loves to indulge the girls by giving them different missions around town, the girls have charmed their neighbors in their mission to be the protectors of the town.

The Adorable Colors

We cannot recommend this show enough to anyone looking for a feel good, and healing anime about childhood wonderment. It brings us back to our childhood, and we cannot help but fall in love with it. Mitsuboshi Colors is currently streaming on HIDIVE every Sunday at 8:30 AM CT!