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See You at San Japan!

7/30/2015 3:54:49 AM

Time to kick the tires and make our way to San Antonio to celebrate this year's San Japan Convention! We've got a few things planned for everyone attending this year, including:



Christian and Kayle will be on tap to talk about everything going on at Sentai, including new releases, upcoming titles and of course a sneak peek at one of our English dubs. Fun and games (and prizes) await you, so make sure to drop by and hang out with us!

TIME/DATE: Saturday August 1 @ 5PM

LOCATION: Room 103



Our shirts sold like hotcakes at Anime Expo, so we are taking the show on the road and will be selling shirts at our booth this year! Not only will you find some awesome threads, but we will also have a shop open where you can buy some of our best titles, including our Collector's Edition sets!

Aside from sales, we will also have a bunch of cosplayers ready and waiting to snap pics with you, including one VERY special monster cosplay that you have to see to believe! Make sure to drop by while you're in the exhibit hall and pick up some free swag, too!

BOOTH LOCATION: ID3 in the Dealers Room



This year San Japan will play host to two world premiere English dub screenings from Sentai: the return of Rikka and her friends with Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions! -Heart Throb-, the second season of the Chunibyo series, as well as the world premiere debut of the Hamatora: The Animation English dub! We will be showcasing three episodes of each, definitely something you won't want to miss!

TIME/DATE: Sunday August 2 @ 10:30 AM

LOCATION: Room 103


We hope you're ready for a great weekend, San An, can't wait to see you!