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Senpai is Doing Too Much Noticing in Momokuri

Senpai is Doing Too Much Noticing in Momokuri

7/26/2016 3:19:38 PM

Being a new couple is fun! You get to discover all kinds of new things with your new boyfriend, like the joys of sharing an umbrella in the rain, studying together, going on dates, and totally keeping the fact that you’ve already taken 100+ pictures of him a secret.

Wait, what?

Momokuri – Coming Soon

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Momokuri isn’t your typical summer romance. For one thing, Kurihara is borderline stalking the object of her affections: her now boyfriend, Momotsuki. Kurihara’s idolization of Momo-kun is one thing, but at least she has a friend to keep her crazy in check, and Momo-kun has friends who are more than willing to tease him about his doting, slightly older girlfriend.

Where will a romance where senpai is noticing you too much go? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Start Streaming Soon

Starting next week, stream a new episode of Momokuri on Anime Network Online (ANO) every Monday at 8:30 AM CDT.