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Sentai Filmworks "Dear Sentai Claus" Giveaway

Sentai Filmworks "Dear Sentai Claus" Giveaway

12/23/2013 5:13:19 PM

Posted on Monday, December 23, 2013

Sentai Claus is coming to town! Have you been good this year? We hope so, because our nice/naughty list got lost along the way, so we're just going to trust that you've been extra good this year. ;)

As a thank you to all of our fans who have been the absolute best this year, we'd like to make two little boy or girl's wish come true this holiday season, and have a some fun along the way. What better way than with a giveaway, right?

So, here's how to enter our "Dear Sentai Claus" Giveaway:

1. Tell us what one (1) Sentai Filmworks anime you want for Christmas. It can be any show that we've released this year, including our December titles that haven't been released yet. You can tell us what you want on:

Facebook: Check out our Facebook Note and let us know in the comments!

Twitter: Send us a tweet @SentaiFilmworks, and don't forget to use the #DearSentaiClaus hashtag! ;)

Email: Send us what you want for Christmas at Contests at


This contest will be a quick one, boys and girls. The giveaway will end at 5 PM Central Time TODAY, and our two winners will be picked from the pool of entries through our contest email, Twitter and Facebook, then announced shortly thereafter. So, step on up, sit on Sentai Claus' lap (no funny business, Jessica Calvello!) and tell us what you want for Christmas!

Good luck, and all of us here at Sentai Filmworks hope you have a warm, safe, and anime-filled holiday! :)