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Sentai Filmworks Licenses Golden Time

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Golden Time

10/4/2013 6:46:53 PM

HOUSTON— Experience the law of clause and effect in Sentai Filmworks’ newest acquisition: Golden Time. This 24 episode series revolving around the lives of some decidedly unusual law students is based on the light novel by Yuyuko Takemiya (Toradora!) and features direction by Chiaki Kon (La storia della Arcana Famiglia, When They Cry – Higurashi) with character designs by Shinya Hasegawa (Kill Me Baby, Revolutionary Girl Utena), series composition by Fumihiko Shimo (Kokoro Connect, Clannad) and sound direction by Jin Aketagawa (Bodacious Space Pirates, Upotte!).

Many people think that lawyers live in a separate reality, but at one private law school in Tokyo that may literally be true. For example, when would-be law student Banri Tada tumbled off a bridge, he learned more than just that legal eagles can’t fly. Or, to be more accurate, he unlearned everything, as the accident not only left him with retrograde amnesia, but also split a portion of his psyche into a separate being that carries all of his memories prior to graduating high school!And the disgruntled spirit now following Banri around isn’t the school’s only stalker. Banri’s friend Mitsuo is also being pursued. In Mitsuo’s case, though, it’s a prior commitment. The lovely Kouko Kaga is relentlessly hounding him, determined to hold him to a childhood agreement to eventually wed. And if you think those characters are out of order, the jury’s still out on Nijigen-kun, who’s given up on the 3D world and reverted to 2D!But don’t rush to judgment just yet!Join in a paper chase through some very uncivil actions and exposed legal briefs and arrive at your own verdict in GOLDEN TIME!

Golden Time will be available soon through select digital outlets with a home video release to follow in 2014.

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