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Sentai Filmworks Licenses Sunday Without God

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Sunday Without God

7/16/2013 9:39:32 PM

HOUSTONSentai Filmworks is proud to announce its newest acquisition: Sunday Without God. This provocative 12 episode series is directed by Yuji Kumasawa (The Ambition of Oda Nobuna) and features character designs by Shinichi Miyamae with series composition by Tomoko Konparu (NANA), sound direction by Satoshi Motoyama (From the New World) and music by Hiromi Mizutani (Hell Girl).

15 years ago, the stories say, God abandoned the World, leaving the souls of the human race in limbo. No new lives are born, and no one can die. Yet people still age, while their bodies whither with the years. Into this strange new landscape come the Gravekeepers, charged with the task of bringing peace to those who cannot otherwise die. This is what Ai has always believed to be her destiny, taking care of the forty-seven empty graves that wait for the people of her village. However, Ai is wrong. Wrong about her destiny and wrong about what a Gravekeeper truly is. But the veil is only lifted from her eyes when a gun-wielding stranger comes into town, and fills the graves she has tended by murdering the people she has loved. And more shockingly, the man who has done this is the man Ai believes to be her father. And yet, in a world where no one can die, is Death truly the ultimate blessing? A journey unlike any other begins as Ai unlocks the secrets that begin on a SUNDAY WITHOUT GOD!

Sunday Without God will be available starting in July through select digital outlets with a home video release to follow in 2014.

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