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Sentai's Back to School Special

Sentai's Back to School Special

8/17/2018 3:10:36 PM

Welp, it’s that time of year again. When millions of children’s voices suddenly cry out in terror and are quickly silenced. When students must actually wake up before 9:00 am (how horrible). When adults can no longer enjoy traffic-free commutes to work.

But fear not this inevitable event! The school year comes and goes. There is still winter and summer breaks to look forward to! And Labor Day! (Incidentally, doesn’t it bug those of you who have to start school right before that holiday? I mean, why can’t summer break be extended so school starts AFTER it? It only makes sense, right?)

  • Editor’s Note: We talked about this. No tangents in the introduction.


Right, back on track: This too, shall pass. What you should concern yourself is: if you are to survive, you must have a plan. Sentai Filmworks shall help you in this endeavor.

Brace yourselves, school is coming.


Step 1: Meticulously plan out EVERYTHING in your head.

Must. Use. More. Brain (Via Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time)

Register for classes/school? Check.

Buy school supplies including, but not limited to a No. 2 Pencil? Check.

Memorize the appropriate and/or optimal route to take to arrive in a timely manner? Check.

Recheck everything in case you’ve forgotten something? Hold on, let’s double check on

Make sure that your notebook is COLLEGE ruled instead of LEGAL ruled? The difference matters. THE DIFFERENCE MATTERS.

  • Editor’s Note: Please ignore this opinion and make sure to follow the guidelines as set out in the syllabus and/or the parental guide.
    • Writer: But it matters! How else will they learn proper penmanship?
      • Editor’s Note: Stop arguing. You’re messing up the formatting and making my job harder than it needs to be. Get back on topic.


Step 2: Take a break

Tanaka in his natural state (Via Tanaka-kun is Always Listless)

You’ve done a lot of hard work with all that planning. You should take a break. You deserve it.

After all, a few hours won’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Go watch some anime. Maybe something topical like high school anime since we’re on the subject. Maybe Tanaka-kun is Always Listless can give you some more advice about the proper etiquette of taking breaks. Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time has some great tips on time wasters in class and how not to get caught, too.

Come to think of, K-ON! Has great ideas on how NOT to get things done and-

  • Editor’s Note: I question whether it’s a good idea to advise procrastinating in a blog about planning.
    • Writer: It’ll be fine! It’s not procrastinating if you take a little break every now and then. You should take one, too. You’ve been working really hard lately.
      • Editor’s Note: Well, it’s true that- No, wait. Get back on topic.


Step 3: Remember that you did everything that needed to be done... in your head.

That look of horrible, horrible realization (via K-ON!)

Happens to the best of us. You’ve spent all your time planning what you should be doing that you never actually physically did it. Not to worry! There’s still time.

  • Editor’s Note: Are you sure you’re not talking about yourself here?
    • Writer: ...Maybe…?
      • Editor’s Note: *Sigh* Just make sure you rewrite this before Friday, ok?


Take a deep breath and relax. You have the notes somewhere around here. Note taking is essential for school, so you’re already ahead of the game! All that’s left is to commit things to paper and actually do them. Time may or may not be an issue at this point, so just do the best you can.

Just think of it as practice! Working under a time crunch is a vital skill in the real world, after all.


Step 4: Make new friends and join a new club!

All these friends can be yours too! Start a baseball club! (Via Little Busters! Refrain)

It’s a new year and filled with new opportunities! Maybe you’re in a new school, or maybe there’s new people in your class! Either way, you have a great chance to make friends with people who have absolutely no idea about that little embarrassing incident with Tommy and the swing set on the playground in the 5th grade that you absolutely, positively know nothing about because no one can prove anything.

  • Editor’s Note: That... is a suspiciously specific example.
    • Writer: I plead the 5th.
      • Editor’s Note: 1.) Readers outside the States might not understand that reference. 2.) You’re not on trial.


Step 5: It gets better.

Don’t forget to smile. (Via Just Because!)

All joking aside, we at Sentai Filmworks know that school can be rough at times. We were there once as well. You may be worried about fitting in or you may be going through a rough patch right now. Regardless of the reason, we just want you to know:

You got this.

You can absolutely do this. You actually have the tools you need to be successful already, and you have more people rooting for you than you realize, including us! Woohoo Sentai friends!

  • Editor’s Note: Did you actually give good advice for once?
    • Writer: I have my moments.
      • Editor’s Note: Clearly.


Have fun with the new school year! Do you have any school tips you wish to share as well? Let us know by tagging us with @SentaiFilmworks on social with the social media buttons below!  And don't forget to sign up for our newsletter!

    • Writer: Yes. Yes, I did.