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Sentai’s Favorite Anime Introverts

Sentai’s Favorite Anime Introverts

3/27/2020 7:05:30 PM

Introverts have a reputation for being shy, quiet and antisocial, but introversion is so much more than that. An introvert is someone who feels drained by too much social interaction and “recharges their batteries” with alone-time.

From artists to dreamers to strong-but-silent types, introverts appear in all kinds of different places, and they’re more diverse than one might think. It’s high time that anime introverts get their moment in the limelight (much though they might hate it), so join us as we tell you about some of our favorite introverted characters.

Misa, the Silent Shooter | Kandagawa Jet Girls

Misa from Kandagawa Jet Girls looks to the side, uncomfortable. She has dark purple hair with pink highlights and blue eyes.

Misa comes from a family of Jet Racers, but she doesn’t start off feeling comfortable in the Jet Racing spotlight. She’s quiet and reserved, and it takes Misa quite a while to open up to her boisterous new teammate, Rin. Don’t let Rin’s shy demeanor fool you, though. She’s an ace Shooter with pinpoint accuracy and a calm, calculating head on her shoulders. While she might not want to waste time on small talk, she’s more than happy to let her performance on the racing circuit do all the talking for her.

Yui, the Bashful Gardener | Kase-san and Morning Glories

Yui lies back on her bed, clutching her cute pink cell phone and sweetly smiling.

Yui spends her time tending the flowers at her school. They’re easier to talk to than people sometimes. Especially if those people are the super-friendly Kase-san, whose bright personality attracts Yui like a flower to the sun. Although Yui can’t muster up the courage to talk to Kase at first, Kase notices Yui despite her quiet nature, and soon they end up dating! Yui is proof that by staying true to your introverted self, good things will surely come.

Mizuki, the Misunderstood Club MemberOutburst Dreamer Boys

Mizuki from Outburst Dreamer Boys looks awkwardly at someone off-camera. One of her eyes is covered by a white eyepatch.

Mizuki has a simple goal when she enters high school: She wants to live a quiet high school life. No adventures! No excitement! Just peacefully doing puzzles at home in her pajamas. However, on her first day of school, she has to wear an eyepatch! This leads members of the Hero Club to believe that she’s a chunibyo just like them. What follows are adventures so madcap, most introverts would probably run screaming for the hills, but Mizuki soon realizes that the Hero Club is… actually fun? Huh. Maybe we should try joining that club sometime…

Hozuki, the Office DemonHozuki’s Coolheadedness

Hozuki from Hozuki's Coolheadedness looks over his shoulder at a smiling denizen of hell as he walks away from them..

What’s better than coming home after a long day of social interaction and curling up with a good book? The unflappably calm bureaucrat Hozuki might say he finds tending to goldfish plants more enjoyable, but hey — to each their own! All introverts are different, and after a day of work in Hell, Hozuki knows that there’s nothing better for an introvert than to get lost in one’s hobbies. Alone. Whether it’s gardening, anime, books or painting, Hozuki waves the flag for anime introverts everywhere who just want to pursue their favorite extracurricular activity in peace.

Cocona, the Cautious ClassmateFLIP FLAPPERS

Cocona from FLIP FLAPPERS stares in shock at someone standing off-camera. She has blue hair worn in a bob and large brown eyes; the background is filled with colorful floating lanterns and a basket of seashells.

Introverts all have that one friend — that special friend who doesn’t drain their energy like most other people so. And that’s exactly the kind of friend the introverted Cocona finds in the vivacious Papika when she comes crashing into Cocona’s life on a flying surfboard. Papika quickly whisks Cocona away into the magical world of Pure Illusion, but thanks to their complementary personalities, Cocona feels enough at ease to go on madcap misadventures she normally wouldn’t dare experience. Be like Cocona, fellow introverts, and find that one friend you can always count on to bring you out of your shell.

Grea, the Timid Dragon GirlMysteria Friends

Grea from Mysteria Friends looks down and away, blushing. She has short, wine-colored hair, a pair of large curling horns, and red and orange dragon wings. She wears a white blouse and stands in front of a sunset.

Oh, Grea. You sweet summer child. We see the blushing looks you keep shooting Anne. We see the adorable way you mumble and can’t get your words out. We’re huge fans of your aversion to being the center of attention — and girl, we get it. Talking to your crush is hard, especially when you’re an introverted dragon girl trying to chat up a princess. Never mind the fact that Grea is also a princess in her own right. Introversion strikes where you least expect it, and although Grea can hold her own in a fight against an earth elemental, she knows that for introverts, the true challenge is simply speaking up.

Akame, the Quiet KillerAkame ga Kill!

A close-up of Akame from Akame ga Kill! Akame wears an intense expression as she brandishes a sword at the viewer, her red eyes intense and hooded beneath her thick black bangs.

With her black outfit and razor-sharp stare, Akame definitely comes off as an introvert, and she’s got the vocabulary to match. As in, she doesn’t talk all that much. She doesn’t hang out with people all that much, either, eschewing social hour in favor of more training. Akame is content as a loner, and although she can work with her group of assassins without trouble, it’s when she flies solo that Akame is at her most deadly. Akame the assassin definitely proves that the old adage true: It’s the quiet ones you’ve gotta watch out for.

Honorable Mention: Migi, the True INtrovertParasyte -the maxim-

Migi from Parasyte -the maxim- possesses the hand of Shinichi Izumi. The misshapen, seemingly now boneless hand now has tiny mini-hands on the forefinger and pinkie, a mouth (complete with a full set of teeth and a lolling tongue) in the center of the back of the hand, and two eyeballs on the tips of the middle and ring fingers.

Despite being an honorable mention, Migi might just be the biggest introvert on this list, considering they live quite literally inside of their host.

That was a bad pun and we’re sorry. (Not sorry.)

Be a Pal and Leave an Anime Introvert Alone Today!

Misa from Kandagawa Jet Girls kneels on her bed while holding an open book. She looks warily over her shoulder at Rin, who is holding a sketchbook that displays a hand-drawn picture of Rin and Misa being BFFs (much to Misa's chagrin).

Some introverts are completely content with social interaction and just need time alone to recover afterwards. Others dislike social interaction entirely. Whether you are an introvert or whether you just know one, one thing is for certain: Introverts are worth appreciating, because if anyone is willing to stay home and watch anime with you, it’s probably them.

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