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Squid Girl Season 2 English Dub Official Cast List

Squid Girl Season 2 English Dub Official Cast List

10/20/2017 2:41:01 PM

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About Squid Girl

Angered by mankind’s pollution of her beloved ocean, Squid Girl rises from the dark and mysterious depths in order to punish the loathsome human race! Unfortunately, that plan immediately hits more snags than a dozen fishing lines in a washing machine. Not only does her small stature not intimidate humans, but instead of unleashing a tsunami of destruction, her attempts only cause minor damage to a pleasant little beachside restaurant. And then, the unexpectedly aggressive Aizawa sisters, who run the Lemon Beach House, force her to work there to pay it off! They even make her provide her own squid ink for a tasty squid ink spaghetti! Thus begins our tale of a poor not-quite fish out of water: SQUID GIRL!




John Swasey

ADR Writer:

Marta Bechtol

Squid Girl Season 2 English Dub Cast List

Squid Girl

Christine Marie Cabanos

Eiko Aizawa

Kira Vincent-Davis

Chizuru Aizawa

Luci Christian

Takeru Aizawa

Greg Ayres

Sanae Nagatsuki

Emily Neves

Goro Arashiyama

Blake Shepard

Cindy Campbell

Shelley Calene-Black


Mark X Laskowski


Jay Hickman


Andrew Love

Kiyomi Sakura

Brittney Karbowski

Yuka Nishimura

Elizabeth Byrd

Ayano Watanabe

Molly Searcy

Tomomi Mochizuki

Patricia Duran

Tatsuo Isozaki

Philip Hays

Nagisa Saito

Stephanie Wittels

Shota Kuroishi

Molly Searcy

Ayumi Tokita

Allison Sumrall


Chelsea McCurdy


David Wald

Radio Voice

Mike Vance


Kyle Jones


Kalin Coates


David Matranga


Kalin Coates