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That Feel When Log Horizon Was Just Too Real

That Feel When Log Horizon Was Just Too Real

7/22/2016 6:13:43 PM

Anyone who’s ever played MMOs, or even just RPGs, knows that it’s very tempting to want to enter that respective universe. Throughout Log Horizon and Log Horizon 2, we get a glimpse of what it’d be like to experience such an unreal reality. Though Log Horizon’s “Elder Tales” isn’t the worst world of the “stuck-in-a-game” genre of fantasy anime, it definitely has its fair share of problematic circumstances and very realistic situations.

When Food Tastes Like Cardboard

Imagine if you were faced with a beautiful, hearty banquet, and then you sink your teeth into some of the most appetizing-looking grub, and then taste… absolutely nothing. The above would likely be a realistic reaction.

… And Then You Can Taste Again

After that, even the most poorly cooked meal that has any sort of taste would create a joyous reaction, but a meal created by Nyanta? This glittery elation seems accurate.

When All You Want Is to Not Be Where You Are

We’ve all been in a situation where it’s just… awkward. Formal events tend to be stuffy and embarrassing, on top of whatever responsibilities come with the fancy outfits.

… And You Have No Choice

However, in the end, you’re kind of stuck due to family, friends, or social obligation. Ah, we feel your pain, Princess.

When the Team Works Together Seamlessly

Oftentimes, especially in fantasy anime, the characters create deep bonds born from skirmishes with death. This results in almost telepathic teamwork, which really comes in handy when trying not to die. 

… And Not-So-Seamlessly

However, what makes Log Horizon so great is that not everyone gets along one hundred percent of the time. Disagreements will be had, even among close friends. It’s after those squabbles that your true friends will stand at your side.

When Politics Get… Intense

From deathly purple auras to stone table-cracking frustrations, the aspect of Log Horizon that sets it entirely apart from other similar MMORPG series is its politics. Emotions run high, propaganda is scattered, and outsiders are immediately mistrusted. It’s as if bureaucracy is present no matter what world you’re in. 

… And Fancy

Of course, no political or royal story would be complete without the swanky opportunity to discuss important issues. These ball gowns and suits don’t  seem too far from our own kind of formal party.

When You Thought You Had All the Answers

Such certainty and confidence in that gaze! That generally foreshadows a rather humbling tumble into disillusionment.

… And You Know Nothing

Pictured above is the face of someone who is keenly aware about how very out of the loop you are. He may not be capable of expressing it, but it is likely he knows more than you, only for you to find out waaaay too late.

When Responsibilities Are Overwhelming

Everyone has those days where it seems like EVERYTHING goes wrong. Maybe there’s a lot on the to-do list, or tons of homework, or social obligations, or all of the above, and you’re just exhausted!

… And You Know You Have to Do Them

Getting through the hard stuff could be considered IRL leveling up! In the end, responsibilities are unavoidable, and standing strong to face them will only make you a stronger person.

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It’s sometimes difficult to believe that Log Horizon is set in a video game! This fantasy world might hide incredible resources, exciting battles, and breathtaking views, but there’s something even more appealing about the reality of this particular fantasy favorite. Share your favorite Log Horizon moments on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+!