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Top 5 Favorite Anime Friendships

Top 5 Favorite Anime Friendships

8/24/2018 7:07:40 PM

Best friends aren’t defined by how long they’ve known each other, but by how they act towards each other. If you're fortunate enough to have a person who is willing to sacrifice sleep and lend you a helping hand at two in the morning, odds are that person is your best friend.

To celebrate these friendships, we at Sentai Filmworks want to take a quick moment to highlight a few of our favorite ones that warm our hearts.

Potential SPOILERS ahead! Read at your own risk.

#5 Takeo and Suna - My Love Story

These two opposites couldn’t be more different from each other, yet they prove time and time again that they’ve got each other’s backs no matter what. Suna has been blessed with good looks while his best friend Takeo has not. Takeo is so used to girls paying attention to Suna that his assumptions completely blind him to the affections thrown his way.

Fortunately for him, Suna isn’t willing to allow his friend to sacrifice himself at the altar of loneliness. From refusing to date those who badmouth Takeo behind his back to helping Takeo realize that Rinko has a romantic interest in him, Suna sees all of this as just a natural expression of friendship. Meanwhile, no sacrifice is too great on Takeo’s part when it comes to being there for Suna when he needs a friend the most, even when he insists otherwise.

#4: Hinata and Kageyama - Haikyu!!

You know how every group has two people who pretend to hate one another? Oh sure, they say they can’t stand the other, but that only makes everyone else roll their eyes and ask when they’ll actually admit that they’re besties.

They aren’t fooling anyone except themselves. That’s these two in a nutshell. It’s their friendship that pushes each other to improve and reach new heights but ask them, and they'll claim they have no choice but to work together. However, the reality is that they know each other so well that their teamwork borders on instinct.

#3: Ange and Princess - Princess Principal

The word “friendship” does not adequately give justice to the relationship between these two characters. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Ange and the princess share a secret that goes back years that has forged their bond into something truly unbreakable.

Mentioning anything else would be a major spoiler, so we’ll be cryptic and say that, sometimes, there are more important things to keep in mind than fighting for Queen and Country. Their connection can never be severed, and through it, we learn what the true meaning of friendship is… with or without a cavorite ball.

#2: Nanachi and Mitty - Made in Abyss

It’s a sad fact of life that friends come and go. But there will always be a select few friendships that will remain strong no matter what life throws at them. These friendships will only grow over time, no matter how horrible the situation, no matter how tragic the… the...

Oh...oh god.... We…

No matter how…



We.. we need a moment, please give us one. Better yet… you take one too…


Oh god, we… we can’t do this. Let’s just move on...

#1: Chito and Yuuri - Girls’ Last Tour

The apocalypse sucks. We all know it, and knowing it does not prepare us for the reality of how much it would actually suck. But you know what would make it bearable? Having a friend to remind you what’s really important.

Because that’s the thing about friendship: We humans are hardwired to be social creatures, and it is easier to deal with the situation at hand when you are not alone. Especially when it’s the only thing keeping you going. Whether it’s finding food or discovering something new about their world, Chito and Yuuri always have each other’s backs.

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