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Tuesday New Release: Utano Princesama: Legend Star

Tuesday New Release: Utano Princesama: Legend Star

4/3/2018 6:10:56 PM

Tuesday New Releases: April 3, 2018


Utano Princesama: Legend Star Complete Collection

The contest to become the opening group for Triple S may have been shaken up by the arrival of the now seven-member group HE?VENS, but QUARTET NIGHT generously declines to take advantage of the decision in their favor… as long as the other two bands agree to an unexpected new phase of the competition! Are the other two rival groups ready for a new series of cross-band duets, with each song pairing one member of ST?RISH and one member of HE?VENS? Will Haruka be up to writing yet another round of spectacular songs? It’s time to pick up the tempo and sing to the balconies as the musical one-upmanship only gets wilder in UTANO ? PRINCESAMA LEGEND STAR!

Rating: TV-14