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Which 6 Anime Should You Watch Over Spring Break?

Which 6 Anime Should You Watch Over Spring Break?

3/8/2019 5:30:34 PM

Congratulations to all you students out there! You’ve officially survived the long, dark winter semester, and spring is here at last. And now? Now it’s time for a well-deserved vacation. However, all of you have a momentous decision to make: How will you spend your spring break?

May we at Sentai Filmworks be so bold as to offer a suggestion? You should spend your spring break watching anime! It’s cost-effective, convenient, and easier than actually going to Cancun. Think about it: A roundtrip ticket can cost hundreds of dollars, and that doesn’t include your hotel stay and the price of all those fun activities you’ll be doing.

By spending your spring break watching anime, you’ll not only save money but watching anime will transport you to all kinds of places that you usually wouldn’t be able to go to!

But what should you watch? Worry not! Your pals at Sentai Filmworks have you covered and came up with a list of 6 different anime for all of your binging needs!

Venture Deeper. Venture Darker with MADE IN ABYSS

riko, reg, made in abyss

Watching a movie is never a bad idea, and it just so happens that we’re releasing one for MADE IN ABYSS, one of the most beloved titles in the past few years! The wide release dates are on 3/20 (subtitled) and 3/25 (English dub), or you can come hang out with us at the premiere on 3/15 at Regal L.A. Live. So, if you haven’t already purchased your tickets for those dates, do so now before it’s too late!

“But wait!” you exclaim in dismay. “Sentai, that’s all well and good, but my spring break is right now! I have responsibilities and need to adult by the time the movie comes out!” Never fear, friends! You can still watch both the dub AND the sub of the ENTIRE FIRST SEASON right now on HIDIVE! YAY!

Launch a New Romance with Love Stage!!

Love Stage

Life doesn’t always turn out as expected. It’s the same way for stories. There are times when you’re convinced a story’s going to turn out a certain way, only for it to subvert your expectations by going in a different direction. Which is why you should give Love Stage!! a chance.

Why should you watch it, you ask? Because love is love, and we’re always in the mood for a good romance!

Start Your Own Band with K-ON!

K-On Group

K-ON! is a pretty big deal, but you probably don’t need us to tell you that. But just in case you do, feel free to consider this a reminder. We’ve written about K-ON! before and even made a quiz about it.

And for all of you who haven’t watched K-ON! yet? We can’t recommend it enough! With two seasons, an OVA and a movie all streaming on HIDIVE, you’ve got hours of content to spend right there!

Explore the Ocean with Bermuda Triangle ~ Colorful Pastorale

Bermuda Triangle Colorful Pastorale, Mermaids

Hey, did you know that mermaids are just like us?

OK... they are fish from the waist down.

… and breathe underwater.

… and are mythological creatures that exist only in storybooks and beloved, Oscar-winning animated movies.

But despite all of those minor details, they’re just like humans in every way (um hello, they drink tea and eat sandwiches). They even have their own hopes and dreams, just like us! Head on over to HIDIVE right now and catch up on what they’ve been up to.

Take to the Skies with The Magnificent KOTOBUKI

The Magnificent KOTOBUKI, Cockpit, Reona

The Magnificent KOTOBUKI delights the audience with death-defying aerial battles, and the effort that went into this series is seriously impressive.

The immersive sound direction alone is worth the price of admission. What do we mean by this?

Pick any episode and pay close attention to the aerial battles. You’ll soon notice that, unlike in other series, there’s little to no music playing during these action-packed sequences. Instead, the show delivers crisp, clear sound effects as the fighting unfolds.

The results are absolutely amazing. It’s like if a sitcom did away with the laugh track and just allowed the jokes to speak for themselves. But don’t take our word for it — check out the series on HIDIVE and hear for yourselves!

Cultivate Your Friendships with Mysteria Friends

Mysteria Friends, Anne, Grea

People instinctively seek companionship. Whether you believe that it evolved as a successful survival strategy or a higher power just made us this way, the need for belonging is hardwired into our system; it’s what we do.

The theme of the power of people’s bonds and how important they are is prevalent throughout multiple cultures and Mysteria Friends is no different as we watch a budding relationship unfold between princesses of two very different species: the human, Anne, and the dragon-born, Grea.

Enjoy Your Spring Break with Anime

K-On, beach

And there you go, everyone! Your friends at Sentai Filmworks have just provided you with your itinerary for spring break 2019. You’re welcome!

As for us? Don’t you worry. Anime never sleeps, and we’re working hard so that you can enjoy your vacation.

Are any of you spending spring break watching anime? If so, let us know by tagging us with @SentaiFilmworks with the social media buttons below. Also, sign up for our newsletter if you’re looking for any other recommendations on how best to spend your time!