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Which GATE Character Are You? [Quiz]

Which GATE Character Are You? [Quiz]

3/9/2016 10:31:27 PM

GATE began airing during the Summer 2015 season, and it has taken us on the most amazing ride. With masterful storytelling, well-rounded characters, and gorgeous design, GATE has blown the expectations of what is expected from anime.

GATE - The Story Thus Far

The story follows Yoji Itami, a seemingly lackadaisical self-proclaimed otaku. One day, a mysterious gate appears in the middle of a busy Japanese shopping district, and as a crowd gathers, a sudden an onslaught of monsters and soldiers charge from the other side.

Itami and his squad are sent on a mission through the gate, and the other world they find themselves in is completely foreign, yet oddly familiar. With elves, mages, dragons, princesses, cat girls, and Goth-loli clad demigods, Itami (and fans of the show) still have a lot to learn about the world on the other side of the gate!

Which GATE Character Are You?

Are you an Itami or a Rory Mercury? Take the quiz and share your results with us on social!



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