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White Haired Anime Characters We Want White Day Gifts From

White Haired Anime Characters We Want White Day Gifts From

3/11/2016 5:19:15 PM

A month goes by so fast… that’s probably what tons of people are thinking in the countries that celebrate White Day on March 14.

In Japan, girls traditionally give their crushes chocolates, sweets, or baked goods on Valentine’s Day. It’s customary for those crushes to return the favor, generally threefold, the month after. Though both of these sweet holidays’ gifts can be less romantic and more of a social obligation, we’d love any sort of White Day presents from these dashing (but sometimes a little loopy) white haired anime boys.

Bell Cranel (Is It Wrong to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

He’s a bit clueless, but that’s part of his charm! This rookie adventurer is kind, sometimes too selfless, and getting stronger every day, surprising everyone. Bell has the genuine nice-guy personality that either makes folks misunderstand and resent him, or inspire the exact opposite reaction. The ladies of his world have noticed the appeal of this white haired anime boy, and so have we!

Clear (DRAMAtical Murder)

This precious cinnamon roll deserves to be protected from everything awful in the world, but no can do. Clear hasn’t had much of an easy life, but that only made him into a sweetheart! He’s a little “Earth stupid”… well, more like curious. He has a special adoration for jellyfish and can (magically) eat while wearing his mask. He may have eyes only for his “Master”, but don’t let that stop you from imagining what kind of White Day present he can cook up!

Kokkuri-san (Gugure! Kokkuri-san)

Kokkuri-san is literally foxy. Despite looking like a typical white-haired fox spirit, this guy is surprisingly dependable. Consistently trying to protect and provide for the person who summoned him, Kokkuri-san is prepared to deal with all the trials that you, and life, can throw at him. Seriously: the man cooks, cleans, AND is super considerate. His idea of a White Day present is probably beyond our human comprehension.

Archer (Fate/stay night)

Though he’s a lot less positive and bubbly than some of these other white haired anime guys, Archer has plenty of traits that make him admirable. Archer is the kind of guy that you know is devoted to those he cares about, even if he doesn’t remember why: that’s true commitment. Being a Hero of Justice and a Heroic Spirit isn’t too shabby either. This guy would probably deliver White Day presents with a frown, but we’d accept it gladly! 

Shion (No. 6)

Everyone generally has to leave their sheltered “bubble”, but Shion definitely takes the cake in dramatic exits. Born in a dystopian society where everything is handled by their local government, Shion’s exile from his home in No. 6 is full of painful experiences. Despite his drastic and sudden change in lifestyle, Shion smiles and believes in the equality of human life, no matter where they were born. It’s this mindset, coupled with his overall sincerity, that makes this white haired anime boy so charismatic. His White Day gifts are probably inexpensive but super meaningful!

Get Ready for Some Tasty Treats!

If your country celebrates White Day (especially if it doesn’t) grab some marshmallows, white chocolate or other white confection and watch these snowy haired guys in action. Who would YOU like to get something from on White Day? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Tumblr!