5 Reasons the Ushio & Tora Anime is the Shonen Series Your Life is Missing

The Ushio & Tora anime English dub just started streaming on HIDIVE, so it’s the perfect time to sink your teeth into this 39-episode shonen series. This gem of an action-anime contains all the elements of a shonen show while blending in elements of dark storytelling and rich character development. If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s never been a better time to get started!

5 Reasons to Love the Ushio & Tora Anime

#1. It’s a “Monster of the Week” Anime… Until Episode 6

A common misconception about this show is that it’s a standard “monster of the week” fighting anime. This ends abruptly at the end of episode 6 when Ushio discovers the startling truth that his mother, who his father said passed away, may be alive, and a force that all yokai fear. From henceforth at this point of the series, it’s blunt-force storytelling as Ushio unravels the dark history of the Beast Spear.

#2: High-Quality Throwback Animation

If you liked the animation style of 90’s anime like Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, and Berserk, you’ll love the show’s animation style. Its gritty, raw, and brutally honest character designs let you feel along with the characters.

#3: Story

We released a rundown of the first two cours of Ushio & Tora right before the third cour began simulcasting. The story weaves a fantastic tale of a boy who finds an ancient spear embedded in the shoulder of a terrifying yokai in his family shrine’s basement. From there, it’s nonstop storytelling as the antagonist’s plans unfold.

#4: Tragedy and Backstory and SPOILERS

No spoilers here, but let’s just say that the third part of the show takes you on some DARK turns. Like… SUPER DARK. Girls are being sacrificed, allies are turning into traitors, good friends are dying, and heart-wrenching moments turn your soul into jelly. All the good deaths happen in the last few episodes. Just saying.

#5: Tora

By the end of this series, if you’re not in love with Tora, you’ve missed the point of the show. His character growth from a snarling man-eater into the individual who fights Hakumen no Mono by Ushio’s side is as good as it gets in terms of character development. Tora is the tsundere heart of the show, and he’s so awesome, we even included a keychain of him in the Ushio & Tora anime premium box set!

Check Out the Show… Or Else

“Or else” you’ll miss out on one of the most engaging shonen anime you’ll ever see!. Now available with an English dub on both HIDIVE and home video, this is the right time to get acquainted with our two combustible heroes: Ushio and Tora.

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