5 Reasons to Watch Land of the Lustrous

Land of the Lustrous offers an intriguing storyline and a snarky but lovable main character that‘s looking for their place in life. This series has a multitude of themes: a world with a rich history, lost memories, and three unique races that are more similar than different.

If you have been on the fence about watching Land of the Lustrous, then let us give you FIVE reasons why you should be watching this gem of a show!

Phos is Ador(k)able

Unlike other members of the cast, Phos’ shortcomings lead them to project overconfidence. There are many occasions they do this to the point where they put themselves in danger (and everyone else for that matter). What makes Phos’ character redeemable is that they learn from their obnoxious ways. They determine that their selfishness is what is standing between them and their purpose in life and that not everything is what it seems.


The Rest of the Cast

Of course, Phos is not the only character we have fallen in love with. There are characters like Diamond, who is always trying her best and who believes Phos can achieve their dreams. We see glimpses of each gems’ personality, ranging from frivolous to serious. With each episode, we’re drawn in more by these prominent characters, and we can’t wait to learn more about them.


CGI Animation

The CGI being used for this series is fantastic because of its detailed movement! It adds an element of urgency to the battle scenes between the gems and the Lunarians. The CGI becomes especially vibrant when Cinnabar is using her mercury making powers!


The Mystery Behind the Lunarians

This mystery has yet to be revealed but color us intrigued! Who are the Lunarians? What do they really want? We still don’t have a clear answer as to what their true agenda is. This mystery only drives us further into the mythology of the series and has us pondering the history of how the gems came to be.


Beautiful Scenery

The beautiful animation in this series does not stop at the CGI animation. The vast and vibrant landscape makes for a gorgeous background for the story to unfold upon. It makes us wonder what happened to this world that the only thing left is the ocean.


A Jewel of a Show

Don’t miss out on this incredibly enjoyable show! With action, and emotions, this anime reminds us to appreciate the little things. This show is streaming on Amazon’s Anime Strike every Saturday at 1:38 PM, CT!